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Memoirs of the Botanical Survey and Annals of Kirstenbosch

Strelitzia is a series of occasional publications of the National Botanical Institute. The name of the series is derived from the logo of the National Botanical Institute, based on the striking flowers of Strelitzia reginae, a plant native to the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal that has become a garden favourite worldwide. It symbolizes our commitment to promote the sustainable use, conservation, appreciation and enjoyment of the exceptionally rich plant life of South Africa, for the benefit of all its people. Issues appear irregularly.

Strelitzia 16
Common names of Karoo plants
L. Powrie (2004)

A listing of common names of some 850 of the about 5 000 plant species in the Karoo, aimed at enhancing communication between scientific workers and people who are unfamiliar with scientific names. The introduction discusses the resilient but fragile Karoo, its plant treasures and the use of common names. The four lists are respectively sorted by scientific names, by common names, by groups of ecological and grazing importance, and the fourth one reflecting changes in scientific names. A5 size, pp. 199. Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-16-1.
Price SADC R55.00/other countries $14.00

Strelitzia 15
Heyday of the gymnosperms: systematics and biodiversity of the Late Triassic Molteno fructifications
J.M. Anderson & H.M. Anderson (2003)
This book is based on extensive fieldwork and collections in the Karoo Basin of South Africa and provides the most comprehensive insight so far into extinct seed plants from the Mesozoic of the southern hemisphere. Large numbers of specimens have been used to delimit species and careful note has been taken of associations between different fossil species. A key feature is the focus on fossil seed plant reproductive structures, which are represented by 35 genera and more than 80 species. The book paints a vivid picture of the diversity of life in the Molteno flood plain 230 million years ago and documents the habitats in which modern groups such as mammals, conifers and beetles started to emerge. Richly illustrated with black-&-white line drawings, photographs, maps and diagrams. A4, pp. 398.
Hard cover: ISBN 1-919795-98-7.
Price SADC R270.00/other countries $68.00.

Strelitzia 14
Plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist
G. Germishuizen & N L. Meyer (eds) (2003)
Long-awaited update of Arnold & De Wet (1993): Plants of southern Africa-names and distribution. Expanded to include information on life cycle, habit, height of plant and altitude together with updated data on taxa, literature references, synonyms and regional distribution. Plant families grouped into seven more or less natural assemblages: Bryophyta, Hepatophyta, Anthocerotophyta, Pteridophyta, gymnosperms, dicotyledons and monocotyledons. A4, pp. 1230.
Hard cover: ISBN 1-919795-99-5.
SADC R300.00 / other countries $75.00.

Strelitzia 13
Medicinal and magical plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist

T.H. Arnold, C.A. Prentice, L.C. Hawker, E.E. Snyman, M. Tomalin, N.R. Crouch & C. Pottas-Bircher (2002)
This book provides an annotated checklist of plants used in traditional medicine in the region and is based on published information as well as toxicological, ecological, floristic and specimen data sources. Included is information (ethnomedicinal usage and harmful properties, synonyms, growth form, Red Data Listing, distribution) on 215 families, 1 240 genera and 3 689 taxa of ethnomedicinal plants (159 of which are Red Data Listed). Hard cover, A4 size, 203 pages. Hard cover:ISBN 1-919795-62-6. Price SADC R120.00 / other countries $30.00.

Strelitzia 12
The Global Taxonomy Initiative: documenting the biodiversity of Africa / L'Initiative Taxonomique Mondiale: documenter la biodiversité en Afrique

R.R. Klopper, G.F. Smith & A.C. Chikuni (eds) (2001)
Proceedings of a workshop held at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa, 27 February to 1 March 2001. Contents divided into Introduction and Background, Workshop Proceedings, Taxonomic Needs Assessment for Africa, Discussion, Literature, and Appendices. Soft cover, A4 size, 202 (English) + 204 (French) pages. Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-63-4. Price SADC R100.00/ other countries $25.00

Strelitzia 11
The Cape genus Lachnaea (Thymelaeaceae): a monograph

J.B.P. Beyers (2001)
Taxonomic treatment of the 40 species and two subspecies now recognised, using evidence from macromorphology, leaf anatomy, ecology and geographical distribution. Results of two cladistic analyses are included. With 74 black-&-white illustrations (maps and line drawings). Soft cover, A4 size, 115 pages. Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-52-9. Price SADC R90.00/ other countries $23.00.

Strelitzia 10
Seed plants of southern Africa: families and genera

Edited by O.A. Leistner (2000)
Completely revised version of The genera of southern African flowering plants by R.A. Dyer (1975, 1976). A taxonomic treatment of some 227 seed plant families and about 2 180 indigenous and naturalized genera, with a key to the families and keys to the genera in each family. Alphabetical arrangement within: gymnosperms, dicotyledons and monocotyledons. Descriptions, chromosome numbers, notes on distribution and size, both local and worldwide. Literature references. Dendrograms reflecting latest views on relationships of families. Classification of genera within the larger families. Comprehensive glossary. Hard cover, A4 size, pp. 775. ISBN 1-919795-51-0. Price SADC R350.00/ other countries $88.00.

Strelitzia 9
Cape Plants. A conspectus of the Cape flora of South Africa

Peter Goldblatt & John Manning (2000)
A complete synoptic account of the Cape flora, including ferns and fern allies, gymnosperms and angiosperms, with keys to families and genera. Species entries include a diagnostic description, flowering time, habitat and distribution. Species are arranged alphabetically and grouped in natural clusters to facilitate identification. Cape plants follows the most recent available treatments for all plant groups, and the accounts of several families and many genera have been contributed by specialists in those groups. An introductory essay describes the geology, climate and the physical and floristic characteristics of the flora. Published jointly by the National Botanical Institute and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Hard cover, 12 colour plates, 260 x180 mm, 744 pp. ISBN 0-620-26236-2. Price SADC R250.00/ other countries $63.00.

Sales in North America are handled by the Missouri Botanical Garden, MBG Press Orders, P.O. Box 299, St Louis, Missouri 63166-0299, Email: or order online at (US sales).

Strelitzia 8
Bulbinella in South Africa

Pauline L. Perry. (1999) Out of Print

Strelitzia 7 Special Offer
Preparing herbarium specimens

Lyn Fish (1999)
The book is aimed at those who have to prepare herbarium speciments as part of their job or during their studies. Collecting, pressing, drying and mounting techniques enabling present and future users to obtain the maximum from specimens in a herbarium collection, are described. Soft cover, 29 line drawings illustrating various requirements and procedures, A4 size, pp. 57. Soft cover ISBN 1-919795-38-3. Price SADC R30,00/ other countries $8,00.

Strelitzia 6
Plants of the northern provinces of South Africa: keys and diagnostic characters

E. Retief & P.P.J. Herman (1997)
Descriptions of the ferns, gymnosperms, monocotyledons and dicotyledons of the Northern Province, Gauteng, North-West and Mpumalanga comprise the bulk of this work. The entries include life form, height, distinguishing characters, flower colour and flowering time, habitat, a voucher specimen and distribution. Keys to families and genera. Alphabetical arrangement. Aimed at professional botanists, nature conservationists, students, amateur botanists and informed laymen. Hard cover, A4, pp.681 . Hard cover:ISBN 1-874907-30-7. Price SADC R200.00/ other countries $50.00.

Strelitzia 5
Taxonomic literature of southern African plants

N.L. Meyer, M. Mössmer & G.F. Smith (eds) (1997)
A list of the most important southern African plant taxonomic literature on all indigenous genera. References listed are those most useful for plant identification at species and infraspecific levels, identified as to type, e.g. whether monograph, revision, flora, synopsis, checklist or taxonomic note. Where known, the name and place of work of the researcher(s) working on a group are given. Every entry includes the author citation for the genus name and, where applicable, a subjective statement on the taxonomic status of the group in southern Africa. Number of genera, species and infraspecific taxa currently recognized are also listed for each family. A4, pp.164. Hard cover: ISBN 1-874907-35-8. Price SADC R75.00/ other countries $19,00.

Strelitzia 4 Special Offer
Red Data List of southern African plants

Craig Hilton-Taylor (1996)
A list of 4 150 plant taxa is given. Known distribution, endemism, conservation status in southern Africa and globally, are tabulated. IUCN Red Data categories are used: Extinct (58), Endangered (250), Vulnerable (423), Rare (1 411), Indeterminate (380), Insufficiently Known (914). The first three categories and synonyms are listed separately. Methods, results, present statistics are compared to those published previously. Hard cover, A4, pp.117. Hard cover: ISBN 1-874907-29-3. Price SADC R40.00/ other countries $10.00.

Strelitzia 3
Cederberg vegetation and flora

H.C. Taylor (1996)
Introduces scientist and amateur alike to this mountain massif, of the oldest wilderness areas of the country, highly favoured by hikers and climbers. Floristic analysis, study of geology, physiography, soils, climate, biota, historical background and conservation revealed 26 plant communities in two major structural units: thicket in fire-protected situations and fynbos in fire-prone areas. The checklist records 1778 species of ferns and seed plants. Two maps, three diagrams, four tables and 19 photographs depicting 16 communities are provided. Soft cover, A4, pp.76. Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-28-5. Price SADC R45.00/ other countries $12.00.

Strelitzia 2
Cyperaceae in Natal

K.D. Gordon-Gray (1995)
Twenty-six genera and 224 species, natural and introduced, are reported, including keys, synonymy, hybridisation, endemism and an index to taxa. Original species descriptions are excluded, but an extensive reference list is provided. There are 57 SEM micrographs of the achene surfaces and 32 line drawings of the morphology of the plants. Illustrations by J.B.M. Browning. Soft cover, A4, pp.218. Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-04-8. Price SADC R65.00 /other countries $17,00.

Strelitzia 1
Botanical diversity in southern Africa

Edited by B.J. Huntley (1994)
Proceedings of a Conference on the Conservation and Utilisation of Southern African Botanical Diversity, held in Cape Town in 1993. The book provides a comprehensive assessment of the patterns of plant diversity, the current conservation status of species and ecosystems, the traditional and potential uses of the flora and concludes with a detailed analysis of priorities for action within the region. Soft cover, 176x 250 mm, pp.412. Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-25-0. Price SADC R65.00 /other countries $17.00.


Memoirs of the Botanical Survey of South Africa

Monographs, usually of an ecological nature, but sometimes dealing with taxonomy or economic botany. Soft cover, unless otherwise stated. Numbers 1-34: 240 x155 mm. Number 41 onwards: 300 x210 mm. Discontinued after no. 63.

.No. 63. Biomes of southern Africa: an objective categorization NEW STOCK
edn 2, 1st reprint (2003)
M.C. Rutherford & R.H. Westfall (1994)

This is the second edition of Memoir No. 54. Seven biomes diagnosed according to explicit criteria of dominant and codominant plant life forms. Ecological implications of the relationship between climate and life form dominance and codominance, and relations between mapping scale, vegetation structure and floristic community. A new section deals with boundary modifications and conceptual reinterpretations in the light of new observations and more recent publications. pp. 94. Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-24-2. Price SADC R60.00/ other countries $15.00.

No. 61. The marine red algae of Natal, South Africa: Order Gelidiales (Rhodophyta)
R.E. Norris (1992)

Red algae are abundant in subtidal and intertidal habitats along the Natal coast. The Rhodophyta are reviewed and higher taxa described. Twenty species of Gelidiales are described, namely Gelidium (8), Onikusa (2), Ptilophora (7) and Gelidiella (3). 22 line drawings. pp. 43.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-01-3.
Price SADC R20.00 /other countries $5.00.

No. 60. Atlas of the leaf anatomy in Pentaschistis (Arundineae: Poaceae)
R.P. Ellis & H.P. Linder (1992)

This work is a visual presentation of the anatomy of Pentaschistis which supports the taxonomic revision of the genus done by Linder & Ellis in 1990, and consequently indicates that generic realignments are needed in the southern African Arundineae. pp. 314.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-9583205-1-9.
Price SADC R25.00/ other countries $7.00.

No. 59. Tannin-like substances in grass leaves
R.P. Ellis (1990)
Epidermal cells containing visually discernible tannin-like substances are reported and illustrated from leaf blades of 39 genera and 101 species of grasses from southern Africa. These substances are shown to be relatively common in the epidermal cells of southern African tropical grasses, and their presence appears to be taxonomically significant. With 74 figures, mostly black-and-white photographs. 80 pp. ISBN 0-620-15151-X. Price SADC R25.00/other countries $7.00.

No. 57. Veld types of South Africa, edn 3, plus wall map. Special Offer
J.P.H. Acocks (1988)

Broad survey of the plant communities of South Africa; has become a classic work and standard handbook for students, agriculturists and ecologists. Plant names and a few terms updated, minor adjustments to text and layout. With 104 black-and-white photographs. pp. 146.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-11394-8.
Price SADC R25.00/ other countries $7.00.

No. 55. Barrier plants of southern Africa
L. Henderson (1987)
Presents information on 504 species, of which 220 are indigenous, as security hedges, garden hedges, windbreaks and on road-islands. Discussion of aggressive alien invaders that could be replaced by less aggressive, indigenous species-these described and recommended. Combination plantings emphasised; weedy species indicated. Illustrated by 47 black-and-white photographs. 97 pp. ISBN 0-621-10338-1. Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.

No. 53. A catalogue of problem plants in southern Africa, incorporating The National Weed List of South Africa
M.J. Wells, A.A. Balsinhas, H. Joffe, V.M. Engelbrecht, G. Harding & C.H. Stirton (1986)
Comprises 1 653 taxa, including 711 naturalised exotics. Includes botanical name, synonyms, common names, family, higher taxon, life form, life cycle, structure, reproduction, origin, habitats, distribution, kind of weed, undesirable characteristics, conflict of interests, legislation, herbicide registration or biological control. Indexes to common names, important synonyms; bibliography; list of naturalised exotics. 658 pp. ISBN 0-621-09688-1. Price SADC R30.00/other countries $8.00.

No. 52. A plant ecological bibliography and thesaurus for southern Africa up to 1975. Special Offer
A.P. Backer, D.J.B. Killick & D. Edwards (1986)
Bibliography compiled from 4 242 references; comprises an author index and a subject index. Subject categories are: applied ecology, autecology, environment, palaeoecology, physiognomy, reference works and maps, synecology and vegetation descriptions. Ecological thesaurus with terms hierarchically arranged in accordance with Universal Decimal Classification System. 216 pp. ISBN 0-621-08871-4. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3,00.

No. 50. A classification of the mountain vegetation of the Fynbos Biome
B.M. Campbell (1985)
Based mostly on structural data and some higher taxa; produced by Braun-Blanquet table sorting technique. Each community described according to its stratification, formation, differentiating features, dominant taxa, distribution, environment and synonymy, with keys to identifying communities. Seven mountain regions recognised. With a guide to using the classification. Illustrated by 60 figures, 27 tables. 121 pp. ISBN 0-621-08862-5. Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.

No. 49. Pattern analysis in savanna-woodlands at Nylsvley, South Africa
R.H. Whittaker, J.W. Morris & D. Goodman (1984)
A range of techniques including traditional pattern analysis, spectral analysis and frequency domain principal components analysis and ordination have been applied to test these techniques by comparison and to seek understanding of savanna-woodland patterns. Analyses of 6 strip transects of varying lengths are described, and implications for the interpretation of community pattern, diversity and stability are suggested. 19 figures, 51 pp. ISBN 0-621-08265-1. Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.

No. 47. A catalogue of South African green, brown and red marine algae
S.C. Seagrief (1984)
Lists alphabetically the 1567 specific names that have been applied to South African green, brown and red marine algae. Of these 547 are correct names and 1020 synonyms. Each specific name is accompanied by details of authorship, date, journal, volume, pagination, figures and plates. Cross references allow for recovery of any specific name whether this be a basionym, synonym or correct name. The bibliography comprises 652 references. 72 pp. ISBN 0-621-07971-5. Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.

No. 46. A phytosociological study of the Upper Orange River Valley
M.J.A. Werger (1980)
Based on the Zürich-Montpellier method. A complex gradient in climate, geological formation, geomorphological characteristics, soils, vegetation, land use is emphasised; plant communities are described and arranged in three parallel ecological series, from mesic to xeric. With 68 figures, including 3 vegetation maps. 98 pp. ISBN 0-621-05308-2. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.

No. 45. The plant ecology of the Isipingo beach area, Natal, South Africa.Special Offer
C.J. Ward (1980)
M.Sc. thesis, discussing major environmental factors with reference to their effect on the vegetation. Those of local significance are correlated with the different plant communities. Historical background and annotated check-list of vascular plants are included. Illustrated by vegetation map and 59 figures. 147 pp. ISBN 0-621-05307-4. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.

No. 44. A conspectus of the African Acacia species
J.H. Ross (1979)
Authoritative account of all African Acacia species. Findings in fields such as pollen, seedling and chromosome morphology, phytochemistry and the amino acid content of seeds are correlated with general morphology, and the infrageneric classification of the African species down to the rank of section is provided. Brief notes on pollen morphology and pollination, seed production, predation and dispersal, hybridisation, and the origin and distribution of the African species. With keys to species. Species descriptions, with synonymy, bibliographic references and selection of representative specimens. With 2 colour plates and 130 line drawings. 155 pp. ISBN 0-621-05309-0. Price SADC R25.00/ other countries $7.00.

No. 43. The bryophytes of southern Africa. An annotated checklist
R.E. Magill & E.A. Schelpe (1979)
Listing of families (systematic order), genera and species (alphabetical); 316 hepatics and 591 moss species in 282 genera and 87 families; recent literature; new records; distribution; taxonomy/nomenclature; synonymy; 4 new species, 21 new combinations. 39 pp. ISBN 0-621-04718-X.
Price hardcover:SADC R45.00/other countries $12.00. Softcover: SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00

No. 42. Vegetation of Westfalia Estate on the north-eastern Transvaal escarpment Special Offer.
J.C. Scheepers (1977)
M.Sc. thesis, with map, 48 black-and-white photographs. History, land use, 3 altitudinal vegetation belts, secondary vegetation, conservation, Trema plantation project, afforestation, floristics and check-list. 230 pp. ISBN 0-621-03844-X. Price SADC R10,00/other countries $3,00. Hard cover: SADC R30.00/other countries $8.00.

No. 41. The biostratigraphy of the Permian and Triassic. Part 3. A review of Gondwana Permian palynology with particular reference to the northern Karoo Basin, South Africa.
J.M. Anderson (1977)
Based on a selection of 53 assemblages from 12 boreholes and 4 surface localities; 33 genera and 133 species of microspores recognised, described and illustrated by 188 plates of some 5 500 photomicrographs. Including correlation chart of Permian sequences in the different areas of the Karoo Basin; a review of Gondwana Permian microspores. A4, 200 pp. ISBN 0-621-03834-2. Price soft cover: SADC R20.00/other countries $5.00; Hard cover: R30.00/other countries $8.00.

No. 39. The flora of Natal. Special Offer
J.H. Ross (1972)
With glossary, keys to families and genera, brief family descriptions, alphabetical enumeration of the species within each genus, with indication of distribution; one specimen cited for each entity. 418 pp. 208x150 mm. ISBN 0-621-00327-1. Price SADC R10,00/other countries $3,00.

No. 33. The vegetation of the Districts of East London and King William's Town, Cape Province
D.M. Comins (1962)
With vegetation map and 11 black-and-white photographs. 32 pp. Price SADC R10.00/ other countries $3,00.

No. 31. Studies of the vegetation of parts of the Bloemfontein and Brandfort Districts
J.W.C. Mostert (1958)
D.Sc. thesis. An ecological investigation including an annotated check-list of 978 species and varieties. With map and 17 black-and-white photographs. 221 pp. Soft cover: Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00. Hard cover: Price SADC R35.00/other countries $9.00

No. 29. The wheel-point method of survey and measurement of semi-open grasslands and Karoo vegetation in South Africa
C.E.M. Tidmarsh & C.M. Havenga (1955)
Includes laboratory and field experiments; with 18 graphs for direct determination of the significance of differences between pairs of comparable values of different surveys. Text 49 pp. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.

No. 17. The vegetation of the Divisions of Albany and Bathurst
R.A. Dyer (1937)
Early exploration, topography and geology (by D.A. Mountain), vegetation (with speculation on evolutionary tendencies), floristic data, economic importance. D.Sc. thesis with 4 maps, 4 diagrams, 42 photographs. Text 138 pp. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.

No. 8. Researches on the vegetation of Natal. Series II
J.W. Bews & R.D. Aitken (1925)

The water relations of some Natal plants especially the leaves of Ptaeroxylon utile and Portulacaria afra; the water requirement and transpiration of a common Natal weed, Bidens pilosa. pp. 65.
Soft cover: Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.

No. 2. Botanical survey of Natal and Zululand
R.D. Aitken & G.W. Gale (1921)
Itinerary, topography, vegetation, list of plants, with localities. 19 pp. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.




Annals of Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens

A series devoted to the publication of monographs and major works on southern African flora. Discontinued after completion of Volume 19.

Vol. 18. The way to Kirstenbosch
D.P. McCracken & E.M. McCracken (1988)
Entertaining account of the growth and development of botanical gardens in South Africa, from 1652 with the establishment of a garden at the Cape by Jan van Riebeeck until the present. A large section with many colour illustrations. Also some noteworthy black-and-white photographs of the early days and pioneers of botanical gardens in South Africa. Hard cover, 305 x 215 mm, 125 pp. ISBN 0 620 11648 X. Hard cover: offer: Price SADC R5.00 /other countries $2.00.

Vol. 15. The botany of the southern Natal Drakensberg. Special offer
O.M. Hilliard & B.L. Burtt (1987)
Provides the first account of plant life of the mountains accessible from Bushman's Nek, Drakensberg Garden, Sani Pass from the Natal Parks Board Reserves at Vergelegen and Loteni and from the Sehlabathebe National Park in Lesotho. Includes a complete list of the 1 445 flowering plants and ferns with habitats and altitude ranges indicated. The 101 mosses so far identified in the area are also listed. About 200 plants are illustrated in colour and there are 27 coloured illustrations of habitats and vegetation. Hard cover, 250 x 180 mm, 253 pp. ISBN 0 620 10625 5. Special offer. Price SADC R25.00/other countries $7.00.

Vol. 14. The moraeas of southern Africa. Special Offer
P. Goldblatt (1986)
With approximately 60 watercolour drawings by Fay Anderson and 150 line drawings by Margo L. Branch and Janet Klein. A taxonomic study of the genus Moraea in southern Africa. For each species: a scientific description, distribution map, notes on cultivation and botanical history and a colour plate or line drawing. Hard cover, 340 x 235 mm, 224 pp. ISBN 0 620 09974 7. Special offer: Price SADC R35.00/other countries $9.00.

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