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South African botanical art. Peeling back the petals.
M. Arnold (ed.) (2001)
Four contributions offer intriguing texts, richly illustrated with 131 colour plates: Historical perspective of botanical art by John Rourke. Discovery, collection, naming, description and classification of plant species by Dee Snijman. Role of colour, shape and scent of flowers in pollination biology by John Manning and Peter Goldblatt. Plant portraiture in the contexts of art and science by Marion Arnold. Also with a Concise Dictionary of South African Botanical Artists. Hard cover, 300 x 230 mm, 216 pp. Published by Fernwood Press in association with Art Link. Standard edition. ISBN 1 874950 54 7. Price SADC R295,00/other countries $75,00.

Collector's item: Portfolio of flower paintings
by Josina Christina Letty (mother of Cythna Letty)
Numbered portfolios from an edition of 1000. The portfolio consists of seven prints of flower paintings selected from two journals by Josina Christina Letty (née Lindenberg), which are housed in the NBI's Mary Gunn Library in Pretoria. The two volumes were illustrated between 1897 and 1914 while Josina was living in Standerton and Heidelberg. Cythna Letty was the first child of Josina's second marriage to an Englishman, Walter Edward Letty. Numbered editions available from 280/1000 onwards. Printed in 1989 by the Broederstroom Press. Size: 462 x 350 mm.
Price SADC R200.00 plus R30.00 for special packaging/other countries $50.00 plus $6.00 for special packaging. Packaged separately from other items ordered.

Portfolio of Pelargonium paintings
Set of four prints (330 x 250 mm) by the late Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst, one of South Africa's greatest botanical artists, renowned for her passion for the genus Pelargonium. Prints of Pelargonium cucullatum, Pelargonium crassicaule, Pelargonium transvaalense and Pelargonium barklyi.
Price SADC R25.00/other countries $7.00.

Gerhard Dreyer's wild flowers
Text by Ernst van Jaarsveld (2003)
This book contains only a few pages of text, the rest is a collection of the late Gerhard Dreyer's magnificent colour photographs of about 30 or more species of South African flowers, with a few landscape photographs of Namaqualand flowers. The colour reproduction and the photographer's eye for detail is superb. Published by Sunbird Publishing and printed in Singapore. Landscape A4, pp. 80.
Hard cover: ISBN 0-624-04079-8.
Price SADC R145.00/other countries $37.00.

Botanical studies from the Botanical Research Institute
Notes on botanical artists and an example of their work. Black-and-white reproductions of artists' paintings.
255 x 187 mm.
Soft cover: Price SADC R5.70/other countries $2.00


Booklets with information on what to find in a few of the eight botanical gardens of the National Botanical Institute.

Dassie Trail
Pitta Joffe (1995. Reprinted 2002)
Introduces the visitor to the Dassie Trail in the Pretoria National Botanical Garden. The 16 viewpoints of the Trail are described, and some of the plants and animals illustrated by line drawings. With a list of the animals recorded in the Garden, and a map on the centre pages showing the most important features along the Trail. Soft cover, A5 size, 45 pp. ISBN 1-919684-01-8. Price SADC R10,00/other countries $3,00.


A visitor's guide to Kirstenbosch (Special Offer)
Colin Paterson-Jones (1993)
The definitive guide to this world-famous Botanical Garden, with almost 70 colour photographs showing typical plants, animals, vegetation and landscapes, as well as an access map and coloured maps of Kirstenbosch and Table Mountain, this guide suggests routes of different lengths, describes different areas of the Garden and gives brief notes on aspects such as The Cape Flora, Forest Trails, History and Safety on the Mountain. Soft cover, A4 size, 32 pp. ISBN 1-874907-13-7. Price SADC R20,00/ other countries $5.00.


Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
Compiled by Ally Ashwell (1994)
A teachers guide to the cultivated part of Kirstenbosch. Each area is described and interesting historical, botanical or ecological information is given. Tips for activities suitable for pupils are given, and the booklet attempts to assist teachers wishing to plan a school outing to the Garden. Published by Share-Net. A5. pp. 49.
Soft cover: Price SADC R10.00/ other countries $3.00.

Bridging the gap
John Roff (no date)
A handbook for environmental interpreters and educators. Ideas and activities for making meaning of our environment. Suitable for parents, trainers, natue guides, tour guides, teachers museum staff and trail guides. Illustrated by Trish Tarr. Published by NBI and Share-Net. 210 x 144 mm. pp. 36.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-874891-81-8.
Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.
See Interpretation section of site for more ideas and free download of this booklet.


Sappi What's in a name?
Hugh Glen (2004)
For tree-lovers, a list of the meanings of the botanical names of trees. Indigenous trees that have a National Tree Number and exotic trees that are cultivated and available through nurseries are included. Some entries carry a small illustration and others are accompanied by a delightful cartoon. Published by Jacana Media. 235 x 165 mm. pp. 80.
Soft cover. ISBN 1-77009-040-1
Price SADC R66.00/other countries $17.00

The tree poetry
Thembisa Ebrahim Fakude (2001)
With poems and colour photographs of 25 indigenous and exotic trees found in South Africa. Published by the author. 146 x 103 mm. pp. 64.
Soft cover: ISBN 0 620 28412 9
Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00

Medicinal plants of the World
Ben-Erik van Wyk & Michael Wink (2004)
A guide to the best-known and most important medicinal plants. Each entry for the 320 plants gives a description, the geographical origin, therapeutic category, historical and modern uses, active ingredients and pharmacological effects. There are more than 800 full-colour photographs; introductory chapters on various healing cultures of the world, general concepts, common ailments and their treatment with modern phytomedicines and traditional remedies; a quick guide and checklist of 900 plants, listed according to scientitifc name, common name, family name, region of origin, therapeutic category and plant parts used; a glossary of medical and related terms. Published by Briza Publications. 245 ´ 173 mm. pp. 480.
Hard cover: ISBN 1-875093-44-3
Price SADC R349.95/other countries $88.00

Ulwazi LwamaZulu Ngezimila: isingeniso/Zulu botanical knowledge: an introduction (New)
Mkhipheni A. Ngwenya, Adrian Koopman & Rosemary Williams (2003)

This is the first publication of the Zulu Botanical Knowledge Project, funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature SA (WWF-SA) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). 40 plants, with the scientific name, English common name and Zulu name, are very briefly described, the meaning of the Zulu name is explained and uses of the plant are set out in English and Zulu. Each description is accompanied by either a line drawing of the plant or a linocut, illustrating the meaning of the Zulu name. Also included are: a map of the three pilot areas used to collect the plants; details and goals of the project; photographs and information of the working group of the 14 people involved; a glossary of isiZulu terms; a select bibliography; and an index of scientific names, English common names and Zulu names. Published by the National Botanical Institute. A5, pp. 67.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919684-40-9.
Price SADC R30.00/other countries $8.00.

Rebirth of Science in Africa. A shared vision for life and environmental sciences.
Himansu Baijnath & Yashica Singh (eds) (2002).
Contributions to the African Renais-Science Conference held at the Durban Botanic Gardens Visitors' Complex, 25-29 March 2002. Published by Umdaus Press. 266 x 193 mm, figures in colour. pp. 246.
Hard cover: ISBN 1-919766-23-5.
Price SADC R300.00/other countries $75.00.

An introduction to South Africa's geological and mining heritage
M.J. Viljoen & W.U. Reimold (1999)
The geology of South Africa is unique and there is a close relationship between the geographic regions, places of scenic beauty and the underlying rock formations. The geology of every area in the country is described, with many colour photographs and geological maps. There are chapters on Gondwana, the diamond fields, cave deposits, meteorite impact structures, useful contacts, a glossary, index and further reading. Published by Mintek in association with the Geological Society of South Africa. 210 x 149 mm. pp. 193.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-86999-941-9.
Price SADC R175.00/other countries$44.00

Cultivated palms of the world
D. & A. Ellison (2001)
A most comprehensive book on the identification of palms, describing 840 of the most common palm species and cultivars from around the world. With some 1245 full-colour photographs. For each palm described, it shows a photograph of a specimen and in many cases inset photographs of the fruit, trunk or other distinguishing features as well as information on the region/country of origin, size, habit, growing conditions and fruit and seeds. Published by Briza Publications. 280 x 210 mm. pp. 264.
Hard cover: ISBN 1 875093 25 7.
Price SADC R229.95/other countries $53.00.

The history of the Botanical Research Institute (reprinted from Bothalia 28)
Denise Fourie (1998)
The history of the former Botanical Research Institute (BRI), a botanical journey starting in 1903 and ending in 1989 with the amalgamation of the BRI and the National Botanic Gardens of South Africa to form the National Botanical Institute. Richly illustrated, with many photographs of the early pioneers of botany in South Africa. A4. pp. 12.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-35-9.
Price SADC R30.00/ other countries $8.00.

Guide to publications on the southern African flora
D.M.C. Fourie (1995)
Comprises an alphabetical author index which provides full details of all included publications. This is preceded by listings of the publications in different categories such as Taxonomic Groups, Geographic Regions, Edible Plants, Succulents. A5. pp. 69.
Soft cover, revised edn 2: ISBN 1-874907-26-9.
Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.

Guide to science writing
D.J.B. Killick (1981) Reprint 2003 New Price
Covers structure of scientific papers, style, logic, grammatical pitfalls, misuse of words, vogue words, punctuation and vocabulary. A4. pp. 13.
Soft cover: Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.


Invasive aquatic plants
Lesley Henderson & Carina J. Cilliers (2002)
A full-colour guide to 21 species of potentially dangerous invasive aquatic and wetland plants in southern Africa. With photographs, line drawings and distribution maps. Also featuring biological control of the five worst aquatic weeds, information on aquatic plants that should not be imported and opportunistic species that can flourish in disturbed habitats. Published by the Plant Protection Research Institute of the Agricultural Research Council. 210 x 148 mm. pp. 88.
Soft cover: ISBN 1 86849 254 0
Price SADC R60.00/other countries $15.00

Alien weeds and invasive plants.
L. Henderson (2001)
Descriptions, distribution maps and line drawings of 234 species of alien weeds and invasive plants in South Africa. Colour photographs of 100 species. All 198 species of declared weeds and invaders and the regulations concerning their control according to current legislation. With information on herbicide registration and biological control. Soft cover, 208 x 145 mm, 300 pp. Published by the Agricultural Research Council. ISBN 1-86849-192-7. Price SADC R60,00/other countries $15,00.


Plant invaders of the Transvaal/Indringerplante van die Transvaal
L. Henderson & K.J. Musil (1987)
Bilingual. Guide to identification and control of the most important invasive trees, shrubs and climbers in the former Transvaal. Botanical and vernacular names. List of useful references and relevant organisations, with addresses. Map, 24 colour photographs. Paperback, 210 x 148 mm, 71 pp. ISBN 0 621 10773 5. Price SADC R15,00/ other countries $4.00.

Verklaarde onkruide en uitheemse indringerplante in Suid-Afrika/Declared weeds and alien invader plants in South Africa
M. Henderson, D.M.C. Fourie, M.J. Wells & L. Henderson (1987)
Bilingual. Covers all 47 proclaimed weeds and all 9 proclaimed alien invader plants, each with a black-and-white line drawing, description, notes, common name. Glossary. Relevant legislation. List of research and control agencies. Paperback, 210 x 148 mm, 167 pp. ISBN 0 621 10772 7. Price SADC R15,00/other countries $4.00.


Map of southern Africa
With new (2002) provinces of South Africa. Divided into one-degree squares (in black) and further into half-degree grids (in blue), for recording distribution data, A4-size. Accompanying sheet on which the names of the one-degree squares are given. Packet of 10 maps. Price SADC R6.00/other countries $2.00.

Map of Africa
Divided into five-degree squares (in blue) for recording distribution data, A4 size. Packet of 10 maps. Price SADC R6.00/other countries $2.00
Map of the World
Divided into thirty-degree squares (in blue), for recording distribution data, A4 size. Packet of 10 maps. Price SADC R6.00/other countries $2.00

Acocks's Veld Types of South Africa Wall Map
Price SADC R8.00/other countries $2.00.



2004 Tree of the Year Poster
Featuring the three Trees of the Year for 2004: Kirkia acuminata (white seringa), Combretum bracteosum (hiccup nut) and Kirkia wilmsii (mountain seringa). 420 x 594 mm, full colour.
Price South Africa: R20.00 + R24.00 postage / other SADC countries: R20.00 + R60.00 postage.
Special offer for schools and tertiary institutions in South Africa: two posters free of charge if postage of R24.00 is paid (surface mail). Name & address of the school/institution and proof of affiliation with the school/institution have to be provided. The offer will be available while stocks last - please contact the NBI Bookshop to order.

Trees of the year 2003 poster
This A2 size, full colour poster is ideal for schools and any venue that promotes South Africa's indigenous plants. It has a pleasing layout, depicting photographs and short descriptions of the habit, bark, leaves, flowers and fruits of Pterocarpus angolensis (wild teak) and Rhus chirindensis (red currant). The tree number, family name, common names in English, Afrikaans, and several of the African languages, name derivation, distribution, habitat, uses and conservation are briefly discussed.
Price SADC R25.00/other countries US$7.00.

Garden birds poster
Jeanette Loedolff.
Price SADC R6.00/other countries $2.00.

Sani Pass flowers
Compiled by Anne Rennie
Fold-out booklet comprising a set of 18 postcards, each with six colour photographs depicting wild flowers of the area. With perforations between the postcards. ISBN 0-620-26604-X.
Price SADC R25.00/other countries $7.00.

Greeting cards (blank) plus envelopes
Prints taken from the botanical art series, Flowering Plants of Africa.
Price SADC R5.00/other countries $2.00.

Prints of Flowering Plants of Africa colour plates.
Price SADC R7.00/other countries $2.00.

Prints of Pelargonium. Portfolio of 4 colour plates. (Special Offer)
Sets of four prints (330 x250 mm) by the late Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst, one of South Africa's greatest botanical artists, renowned for her passion for the genus Pelargonium. Prints of Pelargonium cucullatum, Pelargonium crassicaule, Pelargonium transvaalense and Pelargonium barklyi.
Price SADC R25.00/other countries $7.00


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