Making the most of indigenous trees, 2nd ed.
F. & J-A. Venter (2002)
For tree lovers: a practical guide on the propagation and cultivation of more than 140 of our most useful indigenous trees. With species descriptions, diagnostic features, flowering and fruiting periods, distribution maps, notes on economic value, the wood and utilisation by man. Published by Briza Publications. 240 x 165 mm. pp. 320.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-875093-33-8.
Price SADC R199.95/other countries $39.99.

Trees and shrubs of Mpumalanga and Kruger National Park
E. Schmidt, M. Lötter, W. McCleland & J. Burrows (2002)
Line drawings by S. Burrows. Vegetation types with map; centres of plant diversity and endemism, with map; keys; derivation of Latin names; common names in several local languages; national tree numbers and synonyms. Colour photographs of habit, leaves, flowers, bark and fruit. Published by Jacana, Johannesburg. 235 x 165 mm. pp. 702.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919777-30-X.
Price SADC R250.00/other countries $50.00.

Poisonous plants of South Africa
B-E. van Wyk, F. van Heerden & B. van Oudtshoorn (2002)
An in-depth description of poisonous plants with chapters on human and animal poisoning in South Africa; first aid treatment; methods of testing for toxicity in humans; extraction and isolation of toxins; poisonous principles and their effects; list of plants as to class of toxin; list of plants as to type of livestock poisonings; a checklist of poisonous plants; a glossary of medical terms, and an index. Each species is accompanied by colour photographs of the plant, family name, description, type of toxin, pharmacological effects, distribution with map and a list of references for further reading. Published by Briza Publications, Pretoria. 245 x 170 mm. pp. 288.
Hard cover: ISBN 1-875093-30-3.
Price SADC R299.99/other countries $59.99.

Trees of southern Africa, 3rd ed.
K. Coates Palgrave, revised & updated by Meg Coates Palgrave (2002)
This revised edition, is essentially a key to the trees of southern Africa. It contains a list of herbaria; new taxa and combinations; an extensive illustrated glossary of plant morphology; key to families and species; national tree numbers; common names; distribution maps; small line drawings of mostly the leaf of the plant; and colour plates in the middle of the book. Published by Struik, Cape Town. 250 x 170 mm. pp.1212.
Hard cover, standard edn: ISBN 1-86872-389-5.
Price SADC R295.00/other countries $59.00.

Remarkable trees of South Africa
N. Esterhuyse, J. von Breitenbach & H. Söhnge (2001)
This book gives a fascinating glimpse into the world of trees, from the biggest to the tallest to the oldest trees in South Africa. Written in easy, anecdotal style, the authors relate the historical, cultural and economical significance of South Africa's trees. With accounts of the major tree families as well as an overview of trees as monuments and in botanical gardens, parks and arboreta. Published by Briza Publications. Black-&-white photographs, 240 x 170 mm. pp. 202.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-875093-28-1.
Price SADC R169.95/other countries $33.99.

Regions of floristic endemism in southern Africa. A review with emphasis on succulents
A.E. van Wyk & G.F. Smith (2001)
Presenting all the relevant information on most of the principal regions and local centres of plant endemism in southern Africa, superbly illustrated in full colour (photographs and maps). Fully referenced and indexed. Comprehensive overviews of each centre of Endemism include notes on the name, history, boundaries, topography, climate, geology, soils, flora, vegetation, evolution, floristic links, conservation status and opportunities for further investigations. Published by Umdaus Press. 307 x 237 mm. pp. 199.
Hard cover, standard edition: ISBN 1-919766-18-9.
Price SADC R350.00/other countries $70.00.

People's plants. A guide to the useful plants of southern Africa
Ben-Erik van Wyk & Nigel Gericke (2000)
A photographic guide and the first ethnobotancial handbook for southern Africa. Traditional and contemporary uses of more than 650 plants are described and illustrated in 20 chapters, dealing with categories such as food and drink, health and beauty, and skills and crafts. Plants and plant-derived products of special cultural and/or commercial significance are highlighted. Hard cover, more than 530 high quality photographs, 240 x170 mm, 349 pp. Published by Briza Publications. ISBN 187509319-2. Price SADC R219.95 / other countries $43.99.

SASOL Succulents of South Africa
SASOL Vetplante van Suid-Afrika

E. van Jaarsveld, B-E. van Wyk & G. Smith (2000)
This book explains what is meant by the word succulent, elaborates on South Africa's rich succulent diversity, conservation and the succulent regions of South Africa. There is a chapter on further reading and an index. Numerous colour illustrations by Elise Bodley and also colour photographs of the regions and plants. 210 x 148 mm. pp. 144.
English ISBN 0-624-03838-6. Afrikaans ISBN 0-624-03901-3.
Soft cover: Price: SADC R109.00/other countries $22.00.

Rare and threatened plants of KwaZulu-Natal and neighbouring regions
Rob Scott-Shaw (1999)
The book covers the eastern region of southern Africa and describes over 620 rare and threatened plants. The account for each species provides information such as conservation status, endemism, description, flowering times, distribution, habitat and ecological characteristics, threats and urgency of conservation action. Lists of species by vegetation types, protected areas, hotspots, and traditional uses are also provided. Hard cover, 92 full-colour photographs and 96 line drawings, A4, 182 pages. ISBN 0-620-24688-X. Published by KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service. Price SADC R100,00/ other countries $20,00.

Haworthia revisited. A revision of the genus
Bruce Bayer (1999)
A culmination of more than 30 years of field and research work by the author, this glossy book contains a complete revision of the genus, introducing 6 new species and 27 new varieties. Information on cultivation and plant habitats is included. Hard cover, lavishly illustrated with full-colour photographs and 61 distribution maps, 265 x 220 mm, 250 pp. Published by Umdaus Press. ISBN 1-919766-08-1. Price SADC R290,00/ other countries $58.00.

Mesembs of the world
G.F. Smith, P. Chesselet, E. van Jaarsveld, H. Hartmann, S. Hammer, B-E. van Wyk, P. Burgoyne, C. Klak & H. Kurzweil (1998)
A complete field guide to the Mesembryanthemaceae. With descriptions of 123 genera, easy-to-use identification key grouping the plants into flowering stones, rough-leaved mesembs, tooth-leaved mesembs, etc. Chapters on cultivation, conservation and distribution of mesembs. More than 650 full-colour photographs. Hard cover, 240 x167 mm, 408 pp. Published by Briza. ISBN 1 875093 13 3. Price SADC R249,95/ other countries $49.99.


Gladiolus in southern Africa
Peter Goldblatt & John Manning. Illustrated by Fay Anderson, Auriol Batten & John Manning (1998)
A landmark publication, with fascinating new information about this horticulturally important genus, the new monograph contains 163 species entries: a comprehensive description of the plant, its synonyms, geographic range and biology, its evolutionary relationships and its taxonomic history. Exquisite watercolour paintings by Fay Anderson and Auriol Batten. Hard cover, 144 colour plates, 300 x230 mm , 464 pp. Published by Fernwood Press. ISBN 1-874950-32-6. Price SADC R350,00/other countries $70.00.


Medicinal plants of South Africa
B-E. van Wyk, B. van Oudtshoorn & N. Gericke (1997)
Gives medicinal uses, preparation and dosage, pharmacological effects and botanical descriptions of some 132 medicinal plants. With more than 500 excellent photographs of plants, plant parts used and products. Introductory chapters on cultural aspects of healing, methods of collection and storage, methods of preparation and administration. Also included: a plant list according to ailments, 132 geographical distribution maps, and comprehensive references for further reading. Hard cover, 245 ´ 175 mm, 304 pp. Published by Briza. ISBN 1-875093-09-5. Price SADC R209,95/ other countries $41.99

Grasses of the eastern Free State
Rodney Moffett (1997)
Describes 102 species of grass collected in and around Qwaqua over a period of ten years. Information on each species contains the scientific name, common name, distribution patterns and traditional uses. Illustrations by Elaine Taylor and Angie Bester make identification easy. Soft cover, 216 x 146 mm, 288 pp. Published by UNIQWA. ISBN 0-9584209-1-2. Price SADC R65.00/ other countries $13.00.


List of southern African succulent plants
Edited by G.F. Smith, E.J. van Jaarsveld, T.H. Arnold, F.E. Steffins, R.D. Dixon & J.A. Retief (1997)
Comprehensive list (PRECIS numbers, botanical names, author citations) of southern African succulent plants. With a brief introduction to every plant family, along with references to the most important literature. Includes distribution maps indicating the localities of both succulent and nonsucculent members in southern Africa. At least one representative black-&-white line drawing for each family. Hard cover, 8 colour plates, 255 x 190 mm, 175 pp. Published by Umdaus Press, supported by the NBI and the Succulent Society of South Africa. ISBN 1-919-766-05-7.Hard cover: Price SADC R159.00/ other countries $31.80. Soft cover: ISBN 1-919-766-04-9. Price SADC R130.00/ other countries $26.00.

Gladiolus in tropical Africa: systematics, biology & evolution
Peter Goldblatt (1996)
A comprehensive, well-illustrated account of the 82 Gladiolus species in tropical Africa, including 19 new species. It provides details about the discovery of tropical African Gladiolus species, the etymology of their names and a complete account of their synonyms, morphology and anatomy, geographical distribution and habitat, relationships and other aspects of their biology. Hard cover, 41 colour photographs, 61 line drawings by NBI botanist John Manning, and 85 distribution maps, 195 x 270 mm, 321 pp. Published by Timber Press, Portland, Oregon. ISBN 0-88192-333-8. Price SADC R150.00/ other countries $30.00.

Tree atlas of southern Africa/Boomatlas van Suider-Afrika. Section 1
The first section of a complete reference work covering both scientific and common names, descriptions, distribution maps, ecology, conservation status and literature references. Line drawings and black-and-white photographs of the trees are included. Hard cover, A4, well-illustrated, 10 colour plates, 226 pp. ISBN 0 620 1050 4 6. Price SADC R310,00/other countries $62.00.

South African parasitic flowering plants
Johann Visser (1981)
Some 65 representative species of parasitic flowering plants are described and amply illustrated with colour plates. With an introduction on how parasitic plants live, and ten chapters representing the individual families to which these plants belong. Concluding with chapters on vegetation and the phenology of the different species. Hard cover, A4 size, 177 pp. Published by Juta, Cape Town. Very good value at price SADC R60.00/ other countries $12.00.

Cape Peninsula ferns
J.P. Roux (1979)
Eighteen families, 28 genera and numerous species are described with keys to orders, families, genera and species.Rainfall zones wih related plant growth are shown, there is a glossary and 27 line drawings. Publishes by the National Botanical Gardens, Kirstenbosch. 242 x 174 mm. pp. 66.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-620-03775-X.
Price SADC R5.00/other countries $1.00.

A vegetation study of the Zululand dune areas. Conservation priorities in the dune area between Richards Bay and Mfolozi mouth based on a vegetation survey
P.J. Weisser (1978)
Vegetation maps, descriptions of vegetation units, recommendations. Paperback, 297 x 210 mm, 64 pp. ISBN 0909232 08 3. Price SADC R10.00/other countries $2.00.

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