Flora of southern Africa and Palaeoflora

Taxonomic monographs on the flora of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana. Descriptions of families, genera, species, infraspecific taxa, keys to genera and species, synonymy, literature and limited specimen citations, as well as taxonomic and ecological notes. It will ultimately comprise 33 volumes; sequence and publication irregular. Illustrations: black-and-white line drawings, distribution maps. 240 x 180 mm.
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Short Flora of southern Africa (FSA) contributions appear in Bothalia from Vol. 24 onwards. These contributions are part of the FSA series and will not be published again.

An alphabetic list of taxa published to date is available.


Hepatophyta. Part 1 Marchantiopsida, Fascicle 1, Marchantiidae: Targioniaceae, Lunulariaceae, Aytoniaceae, Cleveaceae, Exormothecaceae, Marchantiaceae, Oxymitraceae, Ricciaceae
S.M. Perold (1999)
Taxonomic treatment by the leading authority of thallose liverworts in South Africa, with keys; detailed descriptions; SEM photographs of spores; line drawings by artists G. Condy, J. Kimpton, A. Pienaar and M. Steyn; distribution in the FSA area; and notes on collection, preservation, study and identification. 31 spore plates, 73 figures and 34 maps, pp. 252.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-44-8.
Price SADC countries R185.00/other countries $47.00.

Bryophyta. Part 1 Musci, Fascicle 3: Erpodiaceae-Hookeriaceae
R.E. Magill & J. van Rooy (1998)
Erpodiaceae, Rhachitheciaceae, Ptychomitriaceae, Orthotrichaceae, Rhabdoweisiaceae, Racopilaceae, Fontinalaceae, Wardiaceae, Hedwigiaceae, Cryphaeaceae, Leucodontaceae, Prionodontaceae, Trachypodaceae, Pterobryaceae, Meteoriaceae, Leptodontaceae, Neckeraceae, Thamnobryaceae, Hookeriaceae. Illustrations: 46 delicate pencil drawings. pp. 178.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-33-1.
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Bryophyta. Part 1 Mosses, Fascicle 2: Gigaspermaceae-Bartramiaceae
R.E. Magill (1987)
Gigaspermaceae, Ephemeraceae, Funariaceae, Splachnaceae, Bryaceae, Mniaceae, Eustichiaceae, Rhizogoniaceae, Aulacomniaceae, Bartramiaceae. Illustrations: 42 delicate pencil drawings. pp. 152.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-10325-X.
Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.

E.A.C.L.E. Schelpe & N.C. Anthony (1986)
With glossary, 96 line drawings, pp. 292.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-08877-3.
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Bryophyta. Part 1 Mosses, Fascicle 1: Sphagnaceae-Grimmiaceae
R.E. Magill (1981)
Sphagnaceae, Andreaceae, Fissidentaceae, Nanobryaceae, Archidiaceae, Ditrichaceae, Seligeriaceae, Dicranaceae, Calymperaceae, Encalyptaceae, Pottiaceae, Bryobartramiaceae, Grimmiaceae. Glossary. Collecting, preservation, study of mosses in southern Africa. Illustrations: 83 delicate pencil drawings. pp. 291.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-06951-5.
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Charophyta (published as Vol. 9)
R.D. Wood (1978)
Characeae: Chara, Lamprothamnium, Nitella, Tolypella. pp. 56.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-04003-7.
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Vol. 1 Gymnosperms Various authors (1966)
Stangeriacea, Zamiaceae, Podocarpaceae, Pinaceae*, Cupressaceae, Welwitschiaceae, Typhaceae, Zosteraceae, Potamogetonaceae, Ruppiaceae, Zannichelliaceae, Najadaceae, Aponogetonaceae, Juncaginaceae, Alismataceae, Hydrocharitaceae.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-40-5.
Price SADC R10.00/other countries $3.00.

Vol. 4 Part 2 Xyridaceae-Juncaceae
A.A. Obermeyer, J. Lewis & R.B. Faden (1985)
Xyridaceae, Eriocaulaceae, Commelinaceae, Pontederiaceae, Juncaceae. pp. 96.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-08271-6. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.

Vol. 5 Part 1, Fascicle 1 Aloaceae (First part): Aloe
H.F. Glen & D.S. Hardy (2000)
Treatment of 119 species, classified in 26 sections; with 26 figures and 87 distribution maps. pp. 167.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-49-9.
Price SADC R110.00/other countries $28.00.

Vol. 7 Iridaceae, Part 2 Ixioideae, Fascicle 1 Ixieae: Ixiinae and Tritoniinae
Miriam P. de Vos and Peter Goldblatt (1999)
Taxonomic treatment with keys and descriptions of the following genera of the Iridaceae: Ixia, Dierama (list of species only), Tritonia, Crocosmia, Duthiastrum, Chasmanthe, Devia and Sparaxis. 42 line drawings and 82 distribution maps, pp. 179.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-42-1.
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includes a FREE COPY of Flora of southern Africa Vol. 7, Part 2, Fasc. 2 (Syringodea, Romulea) published in 1983.

Vol. 7 Iridaceae, Part 2 Ixioideae, Fascicle 2 Syringodea, Romulea. <SPECIAL OFFER, FREE with Fascicle 1.>
M.P. de Vos (1983).
pp. 76.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-07939-1. Price SADC R20.00/other countries $5.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R45.00/other countries $12.00.

Vol. 9 Part: Urticaceae
I. Friis and K.L. Immelman (2001)
pp. 36.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-55-3.
Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.

Vol. 10 Part 1 Loranthaceae, Viscaceae
D. Wiens & H.R. Tölken (1979).
pp. 59.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-04726-0.Price SADC R20.00/other countries $5.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R45.00/other countries $12.00.

Vol. 13. Various authors (1970)
Cruciferae, Capparaceae, Resedaceae, Moringaceae, Droseraceae, Roridulaceae, Podostemaceae, Hydrostachyaceae. pp. 221.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-41-3.
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Vol. 14 Crassulaceae
H.R. Tölken (1985)
Treatment of the genera Cotyledon, Tylecodon, Adromischus, Kalanchoe, Bryophyllum and Crassula. 21 line drawings, 51 distribution maps, keys to genera and species. pp. 244.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.

Vol. 16 Fabaceae, Part 1 Mimosoideae
J.H. Ross (1975)
pp. 159.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-02263-2. Price SADC R20.00/other countries $5.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R45.00/other countries $12.00.

Vol. 16 Fabaceae, Part 2 Caesalpinioideae
J.H. Ross (1977)
pp. 142.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-03832-6. Price SADC R20.00/other countries $5.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R45.00/other countries $12.00.

Vol. 16 Fabaceae, Part 3 Papilionoideae, Fascicle 6 Crotalarieae (Aspalathus)
R. Dahlgren (1988)
146 black-and-white line drawings, mostly by the author, pp. 430.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-11263-1. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.

Vol. 18 Part 3 Simaroubaceae-Malpighiaceae
K.L. Immelman, J.J.A. van der Walt, F. White & B.T. Styles and P.D. de Villiers & D.J. Botha (1986)
Simaroubaceae, Burseraceae, Ptaeroxylaceae, Meliaceae, Malpighiaceae. pp. 76.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-09698-9. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.

Vol. 19 Part 3 Anacardiaceae, Fascicle 1 Rhus
R.O. Moffett (1993)
72 species treated; 37 full-page line drawings mostly by Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst; 59 distribution maps. pp. 129.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-23-4.
Price SADC R50.00/other countries $13.00.

Vol. 21 Part 1 Tiliaceae
H. Wild (1984)
pp. 44.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-08256-2. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.

Vol. 22. Various authors (1976)
Ochnaceae, Clusiaceae, Elatinaceae, Frankeniaceae, Tamaricaceae, Canellaceae, Violaceae, Flacourtiaceae, Turneraceae, Passifloraceae, Achariaceae, Loasaceae, Begoniaceae, Cactaceae. 161 pp.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-02870-3. Price SADC R20.00/other countries $5.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R45.00/other countries $12.00.

Vol. 26. Various authors (1963)
Myrsinaceae, Primulaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Sapotaceae, Ebenaceae, Oleaceae, Salvadoraceae, Loganiaceae, Gentianaceae, Apocynaceae. pp. 307.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-39-1.
Price SADC R20.00/ other countries $5.00.

Vol. 28 Part 1 Convolvulaceae
A.D.J. Meeuse & W.G. Welman (2000)
Treatment of the genera Cuscuta, Dichondra, Falkia, Evolvulus, Seddera, Bonamia, Jacquemontia, Convolvulus, Calystegia, Hewittia, Merremia, Xenostegia, Astripomoea, Ipomoea, Paralepistemon and Stictocardia. pp. 138.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-48-0.
Price SADC R90.00/ other countries $23.00.

Vol. 28 Part 4 Lamiaceae
L.E. Codd (1985)
pp. 247.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-08268-6. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.

Vol. 30 Part 3 Acanthaceae Fascicle 1 Justiciinae
C.Baden, K Balkwill. F.M. Getliffe Norris, K.L. Immelman, J..C. Manning & J. Munday (1995)
Metarungia, Siphonoglossa,Rhinacanthus,Duvernoia,Justicia,Monechma,Adhatoda,Anisotes,
pp. 71.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-27-7. Price SADC R50.00/other countries $13.00.

Vol.31 Part 1, Fascicle 2 Rubiaceae, Rubioideae (second part):Paederieae,Anthospermeae,Rubieae
C. Puff (1986)
Paederia, Crocyllis, Anthospermum, Nenax, Galopina, Carpacoce. Rubia, Galium. pp. 79.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-08876-5. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover: Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00

Vol. 333 Asteraceae,Part 4 Anthemideae, Fascicle 1
M.A.M.Müller, RP.J. Herman and H.H. Kolberg, (2001)
Taxonomic treatment with keys and descriptions of Eriocephalus and Lasiospermum belonging to the tribe Anthemideae of the Asteraccae. pp. 75. 14 line drawings and 22 distribution maps.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-59-6. Price SADC countries R60.00/other countries $15.00.

Vol. 33 Asteraceae, Part 7 Inuleae, Fascicle 2 Gnaphaliinae (first part)
O.M.Hilliard (1983)
Facelis, Lasiopogon, Galeomma, Gizaphalium, Vellereophyton, Troglophyton, Helichrysopsis, Plecostachys, Pseudognaphalium, Tenrhynea, Aclzvrocline, Helichrysum, Genus nov.?, Edmondia. pp. 325.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-621-07943-X. Price SADC R40.00/other countries $10.00.
Hard cover. Price SADC R65.00/other countries $17.00.



A palaeoflora on a pattern comparable to that of the Flora of southern Africa. Much of the information is presented in the form of tables and photographic plates depicting fossil populations.

Molteno Formation (Triassic) Volume 2. Gymnosperms (excluding Dicroidium)
J.M. Anderson & H.M. Anderson (1989). Revision of all gymnosperm foliage (largely excluding Dicroidium) found in the Molteno Formation in particular and in the Gondwana Triassic in general. Hard cover, 304 x215 mm, 567 pp. Distribution outside South Africa is handled by A.A. Balkema. Hard cover: ISBN 90 6191 284 9. Price SADC R100,00 /other countries $25.00.

Towards Gondwana Alive. Promoting biodiversity and stemming the Sixth Extinction. Vol. 1, edn 2.
John M. Anderson (ed.) (2001)
This full-colour booklet gives a preview of the Gondwana Alive Project, a global initiative originated by a group of South African biologists. The aim of the project is to involve top scientists, environmentally conscious celebrities and the richest individuals to stop the destruction of the prodigious diversity of plant and animal life. The booklet s patterns and processes of environmental change through the ages. Full-colour photographs, graphs and drawings. Published by the Gondwana Alive Society. A4. pp. 139.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919795-60-X.
Price SADC R95.00/other countries $24.00.

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