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Strelitzia 16
Common names of Karoo plants
L. Powrie (2004)

A listing of common names of some 850 of the about 5 000 plant species in the Karoo, aimed at enhancing communication between scientific workers and people who are unfamiliar with scientific names. The introduction discusses the resilient but fragile Karoo, its plant treasures and the use of common names. The four lists are respectively sorted by scientific names, by common names, by groups of ecological and grazing importance, and the fourth one reflecting changes in scientific names. A5 size, pp. 199. Soft cover: ISBN 1-874907-16-1.
Price SADC R55.00/other countries $14.00

Easy guide to indigenous shrubs
Pitta Joffe (2003)
Superb, full colour, glossy photographs of 94 species adorn this book, with a wealth of information on planning a garden, how to plant, care for and propagate shrubs, and how to attract birds and butterflies to the garden. There is a detailed explanation of how to use the book, a map of the frost areas of South Africa, a glossary of terms, a list of references and an index to scientific and common names of the plants. The pages are colour-coded into small, medium and large shrubs. Each species occupies a page where the common names, scientific name, family, description, uses, propagation, cultivation, natural distribution and related species are described. Published by Briza Publications and supported by the NBI. 260 x 210 mm. pp. 128.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-875093-40-0.
Price SADC R159.95/other countries $40.00.

A field guide southern Africa Commiphora Suider-Afrika 'n veldgids
Marthinus Steyn (2003)

A full-colour, bilingual field guide to 38 species of Commiphora in southern Africa, with a general guide to characters useful for identification and a colour-coded key to the species. Each species treatment includes: the scientific name; common names in the various languages and dialects of the region; description in user-friendly lay terms; sharp, clear photographs showing the growth form, bark, leaves (both surfaces), flowers and fruit; distribution map; derivation of the scientific name; habitat and climate; uses. Published by the author. 208 x 140 mm. pp. 92.
Soft cover: ISBN 0-620-26465-9.
Price SADC R100.00/other countries $25.00.

Ulwazi LwamaZulu Ngezimila: isingeniso/Zulu botanical knowledge: an introduction (New)
Mkhipheni A. Ngwenya, Adrian Koopman & Rosemary Williams (2003)

This is the first publication of the Zulu Botanical Knowledge Project, funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature SA (WWF-SA) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). 40 plants, with the scientific name, English common name and Zulu name, are very briefly described, the meaning of the Zulu name is explained and uses of the plant are set out in English and Zulu. Each description is accompanied by either a line drawing of the plant or a linocut, illustrating the meaning of the Zulu name. Also included are: a map of the three pilot areas used to collect the plants; details and goals of the project; photographs and information of the working group of the 14 people involved; a glossary of isiZulu terms; a select bibliography; and an index of scientific names, English common names and Zulu names. Published by the National Botanical Institute. A5, pp. 67.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919684-40-9.
Price SADC R30.00/other countries $8.00.

Strelitzia 14

Plants of southern Africa: an annotated checklist
G. Germishuizen & N L. Meyer (eds) (2003)
Long-awaited update of Arnold & De Wet (1993): Plants of southern Africa-names and distribution. Expanded to include information on life cycle, habit, height of plant and altitude together with updated data on taxa, literature references, synonyms and regional distribution. Plant families grouped into seven more or less natural assemblages: Bryophyta, Hepatophyta, Anthocerotophyta, Pteridophyta, gymnosperms, dicotyledons and monocotyledons. A4, pp. 1230.
Hard cover: ISBN 1-919795-99-5.
SADC R300.00 / other countries $75.00.


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