Flora. A gardener's encyclopedia
Introduced by Keith Kirsten (2004)
A comprehensive, beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of plants containing information on over 20 000 plants from around the world. Arranged alphabetically by botanical name, individual entries provide a detailed description of each plant, with notes on origin, cultivation requirements, growth habit, propagation and pests and diseases. The introduction explains the 12 hardiness zones and suggests suitable plants. All the plant groups, for example trees, shrubs, bulbs, vegetables, fruit trees, cycads, orchids, and many others, are covered. The stunning colour photography perfectly complements the text by a team of international botanical and horticultural experts. This edition published by Briza Publications includes a CD Rom as a bonus. Two volumes of 305 x 235 mm (1584 pp.), presented in a protective case.
Hard covers: ISBN 1-875093-51-6
Price SADC R1 145.00/other countries $287.00

My nursery. How to set up and run a community nursery
Extremely useful guide giving advice on a wide variety of aspects such as site selection, growing plants from seed, basic maintenance of plants, customers, useful books, marketing, funding applications, budget, productivity, bookkeeping & banking, administration and staff. With many line drawings and useful contact numbers and addresses. Published by Landcare South Africa and Food & Trees for Africa. A5. pp. 64. Soft cover.
Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00


The lavender book
Margaret Roberts (2004)
For gardeners, commercial growers, craftspeople, cooks and beauty therapists. A full-colour guide to the lavender types and varieties suitable for South African conditions, with practical instruction on propagating, planting, nurturing and harvesting lavender. Also included are original recipes, craft ideas, hints and tips. Published by Briza Publications. 240 x 210 mm. pp. 144.
Soft cover: ISBN 1 875093 38 9
Price SADC R169.95/other countries $43.00

The complete supergardener
Alan Titchmarsh (2003)
Best-selling, full-colour, practical guide by Britain's favourite TV gardener. Gives essential advice on gardening tasks and techniques, from planting seeds to making a water garden. Published by Cassell Illustrated. 266 x 216 mm. pp. 304.
Hard cover: ISBN 1 844 03052 0
Price SADC R229.95/other countries $58.00

Skeppende tuinmaak met inheemse plante
Pitta Joffe (2003)
Omvattende gids tot die gebruik van inheemse plante in tuine en parke en langs paaie. Meer as 300 plante word gedek, met 'n beskrywing, verspreidingskaart en kleurfoto's van die hele plant asook van bepaalde kenmerke soos blomme, vrugte, blare en bas. Inleidende hoofstukke behandel die kweek van plante van saad en steggies, tuinmaak in verskillende klimaatstreke en maniere om voëls en insekte na die tuin te lok. Gepubliseer deur Briza Publikasies. 240 x 166 mm. pp. 372.
Sagteband: ISBN 1 875093 36 2
Prys SAOG R249.95/ander lande $63.00

A-Z of herbs
Margaret Roberts (2000)
A basic guide and quick reference in full colour; includes common herbs like parsley and thyme as well as special favourites like bulbinella and roses. It provides the following on each plant covered: a photograph, information on cultivation and cosmetic, culinary, medicinal and domestic uses. Published by Struik. 287 x 216 mm. pp. 90.
Hard cover: ISBN 1 86872 499 9
Price SADC R139.95/other countries $35.00

The South African What flower is that?
Kristo Pienaar (2000)
A comprehensive, informative, full-colour reference to more than 1500 annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and vines most commonly found in South African gardens. The accompanying text details the origin of each plant, how, when and where to plant it and how it can be propagated. Clear, informative symbols tell the reader about a plant's resistance to frost and wind, water and light requirements, etc. Published by Struik. 280 x 215 mm. pp. 368.
Soft cover: ISBN 1 86872 441 7
Price SADC R170.00/other countries $43.00

Easy guide to indigenous shrubs
Pitta Joffe (2003)
Superb, full colour, glossy photographs of 94 species adorn this book, with a wealth of information on planning a garden, how to plant, care for and propagate shrubs, and how to attract birds and butterflies to the garden. There is a detailed explanation of how to use the book, a map of the frost areas of South Africa, a glossary of terms, a list of references and an index to scientific and common names of the plants. The pages are colour-coded into small, medium and large shrubs. Each species occupies a page where the common names, scientific name, family, description, uses, propagation, cultivation, natural distribution and related species are described. Published by Briza Publications and supported by the NBI. 260 x 210 mm. pp. 128.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-875093-40-0.
Price SADC R159.95/other countries $40.00.

Kirstenbosch Gardening Series
In this series of guides the horticultural staff at Kirstenbosch provide practical advice on the propagation and cultivation of indigenous plants. With information about pests and diseases to which these plants are prone. Landscaping potential of these well-known South African plants is explored in some of the books. Full-colour photographs. Soft cover, A5, 32-36 pp.

Grow nerines
Graham Duncan (2002)
ISBN 1-919684-33-6. Price SADC R39,95/ other countries $10.00.

Grow clivias
Graham D. Duncan (1999)
ISBN 1-919684-25-5. Price SADC R39,95/ other countries $10.00.

Grow proteas
N. Brown, D. Kotze & P. Botha (1998). ISBN 1-919684-45-3. Price SADC R39,95/other countries $10.00.

Grow bulbs
Graham D. Duncan (2000)
ISBN 1-919684-26-3. Price SADC R39,95/ other countries $10.00.

Grow succulents
Ian Oliver (1998)
A guide to the species, cultivation and propagation of South African succulents, discusses natural pollination, dissemination and dispersal, grafting and soil mixtures. Environmentally friendly ways to combat pests and diseases are treated, and other relevant topics such as watering succulents, ventilation and light, containers and the right tools for the job are included. Soft cover, A5, 64 pp. ISBN 1-919684-07-7 Price SADC 42,50/ other countries/$11.00

Grow agapanthus
Graham Duncan (1998). ISBN 1-919684-14-X. Price SADC R39,95/other countries $10.00.

Grow cycads
John Donaldson & John Winter (1998). ISBN 1-919684-13-1. Price SADC R39,95/other countries $10.00

Grow restios
N. Brown, H. Jamieson & P. Botha (1998). ISBN 1-919684-11-5. Price SADC R39,95/other countries $10.00

Cultivated plants of southern Africa-names, common names, literature
H.F. Glen (2002)
A detailed index of some 9 000 plants known to be cultivated in southern Africa. Each entry includes the scientific name, approximate place of origin of the plant, and common names where known. Synonyms are given for widely known plants, where appropriate. With references to literature useful for identification. A must for botanists, nurserymen, landscapers, horticulturists, ardent gardeners, students, libraries and lecturers. Soft cover, 165 x 235 mm, 448 pp. Published by Jacana in association with the National Botanical Institute. ISBN 1-919931-17-1.
Price SADC R225,00/ other countries $57.00.

Creative gardening with indigenous plants. A South African guide.
P. Joffe (2001)
An invaluable handbook for South African gardeners, with a very practical approach. Symbols, distribution maps, plant size and flower colour are used to lead the reader to the correct plant for a situation, whether tree, shrub, annual, perennial, climber or water-loving plant. Covers more than 300 plants, all accompanied by stunning full-colour photographs, the text comprising descriptions, information on usage and advice on cultivation. Soft cover, 238 x 160 mm, 372 pp. Published by Briza Publications. ISBN 1-875093-29-X. Price SADC R249,95/other countries $63.99.


Wonderful waterwise gardening
Ernst van Jaarsveld (2000)
Full-colour guide aiming to simplify gardening and to make it as cost-effective and maintenance-free as possible for SA gardeners, indigenous plant lovers and landscapers. Guiding the enthusiastic gardener in choice of plants and in the correct and natural planting sequences that culminate in a beautiful garden. With fail-safe plant list at the end of each regional chapter. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs. Hard cover, 285 x 220 mm, 144 pp. Published by Tafelberg. ISBN 0 624 03840 8. Price SADC R180,00/other countries $45.00. Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

Water-wise gardening in the winter rainfall regions
M.A. Honig, P. Ivey, A.Shaide & L. van der Walt (1998)
Step-by-step guide to water-wise gardening with innovative ideas on the use of low water-use plants and water-wise practices. Demonstrates in full colour, with witty illustrations by Louisa Gerryts, how to create the garden of your choice and save water at the same time. Sponsored by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry in the interest of the National Water Conservation Campaign. Soft cover, A4, 24 pp. ISBN 0-621-28726-1. Price SADC R15,00/ other countries $4,00.

Catchment Action: growing and knowing muthi plants
M.Mander, N.Crouch, S McKean & G.Nichols (1998)
A guide to the cultivation of muthi plants, and the identification of 31 of the most popular medicinal plants used in eastern South Africa. It contains general information on the cultivation of indigenous trees,bulbs, herbs, and species-specific information on some of the most popular medicinal plants, including parts utilised, their uses, identifying features,conservation status, useful information on their cultivation and other interesting facts. With illustrations, and index in English, Zulu and Afrikaans, and a list of nuserseries and experts in Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern cape and Mpumalanga. Published by Share-Net. A5. pp.22.
Soft cover,3rdimp. ISBN 1-874891-36-2. Price SADC R15.00 / other countries $4.00

Keep the Lowveld green! (Special Offer)
Pitta Joffe (April 2000)
Designed to help people in the Lowveld to replant the gardens of their homes, schools and community centres with indigenous plants that are useful, interesting, beautiful and easy to grow. Illustrated guidelines on how to choose plants, make flowerbeds, plant trees and shrubs, grow plants from seeds or cuttings and how to care for plants. Soft cover, A5 size, 66 pages. ISBN 1-919684-27-1. Price SADC R10.00/ other countries $3.00.

The greening booklet-all about trees
produced by Trees for Africa
This booklet aims in a simple, user-friendly fashion to enable all kinds of community groups to get the most out of tree planting. The contents flow from arguments for tree planting to propagation, seedling care, planting out and finally long-term aftercare. It gives the names, size, uses and propagation requirements of some 47 indigenous and 27 exotic trees and tells the reader how to obtain them. Useful contact addresses/telephone numbers are given. The teaching suggestions make it an invaluable resource for schools. Soft cover, A5 size, 66 pp. Price SADC R15,00/ other countries $4.00.

Ukwenza luhlaza ugu LwakwaZulu-Natal.
Greening South Africa 6
Heather Borchers & Ihunyushwe ngu Alfred Ngwenya (1998)
A5. pp. 60.
Soft cover: ISBN 1-919684-09-03.
Price SADC R15.00/other countries $4.00.

Greening South Africa Guide 5
Greening the KwaZulu-Natal midlands
Heather Borchers (1996)
Booklet to help people living in the midlands area of KwaZulu-Natal to plant the gardens of their homes, schools and community centres with local plants that are useful, interesting, beautiful and easy to grow. Included are trees, shrubs, bulbs, herbs, groundcovers, climbers and grasses. Each plant is illustrated and described in terms of its features, why it is recommended, and how to grow it. A list of suppliers of indigenous plants is provided. A5 size, 60 pp. ISBN 1-919684-06-9. Price SADC R15,00/other countries $4.00.

Greening South Africa Guide 4 (Special Offer)
Hardy highveld plants
Pitta Joffe (1996)
Illustrated descriptions in layman's language of some 32 hardy, drought-resistant plants suitable for the highveld area. With hints on cultivation and uses. Botanical names as well as common names in English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho and South Sotho. Soft cover, A5 size, 52 pp. ISBN 1-874907-20-X. Price SADC R10,00/ other countries $3.00.

Greening South Africa Guide 3
Greening the KwaZulu-Natal coast/Ukwenza luhlaza ugu Lwakwazulu-Natal
Heather Borchers (1995)
Ideal booklet for education of children and students with limited knowledge of plant life. First half deals with basic plant care, planning, propagation, choosing suitable plants. Second half describes 29 species of the region. A5 size, 58 pp. Also available in Zulu. ISBN 1-919684-04-2. Price SADC R15,00/other countries $4,00.

A preliminary list of plants for water conservation gardening in South Africa/'n Voorlopige lys van plante vir waterbesparende tuinmaak in Suid-Afrika
D.M.C. Fourie (1984)
Species, family and vernacular name, form of crown, deciduous/evergreen, other characteristics. Indigenous and exotic. Recommended horticultural zones, silvicultural map. Published by Dept. of Agriculture & Water Supply. A4. pp. 21.
Soft cover: English ISBN 0-621-08859-5. Afrikaans ISBN 0-621-08860-9.
Price SADC R6.00/other countries $2.00.

Kirstenbosch horticultural notes
Loose-leaf notes, A4 size, English on one side, Afrikaans on the other. Describes each plant; suggested uses; soil, water, light and temperature requirements; pests and diseases, propagation and planting zones.
Price each R1.00/other countries $1.00.

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