Kirstenbosch Environmental Education Programme

Guided School Programme

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The Guided School Programme offers an exciting range of curriculum based learning programmes from Gr1-12. All programmes are facilitated by trained Assistant Education Officers (AEO's).

Learning programmes are based on knowledge, skills and values outcomes to be achieved. Learners are encouraged to discover their environment through careful observation, recording and interpreting of information. Engaging with environmental issues through discussion or role-play enables learners to explore causes of environmental problems and ways of addressing them. This approach emphasises education for sustainability and encourages learners to take responsibility for the environment.



Days offered:
Monday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
9h15-11h30 - Grade R-3
9h30-12h30 - Grade 4-12
Cost: R10, 00 per learner for unsponsored guided & sponsored guided groups using the Outreach Bus.




Learning Programmes offered for 2004

Learning Programmes and Grades
Introduction to Kirstenbosch
Sensory exploration of Kirstenbosch. 1,2,3
Discovery of fynbos and forest through map orientation. 4,5,6,
Discovery of diversity of plants & historical overview of Kirstenbosch. 7,8,9
Finding out about a forest eco-system. 5-6
Inter-relationships in forest ecosystem. 7
Energy transfers in nature. 10
Plant adaptation
Investigating plant adaptations with respect to climate and defence mechanisms. 7
Investigate how the external structure of leaves is adapted to limit transpiration. 12
Plants and People
Finding out about indigenous plants that we can use. 3
Exploring everyday uses of indigenous plants. 4
Investigating the uses of different parts of indigenous plants. 5
Investigate sustainable methods of utilising plant resources. 7
Discover the importance of the forest biome and investigate practices for its sustainable usage. 9
Understanding sustainable use of plant reources. 10,11
Understanding sustainable use of plant resources and an introduction to 3 biomes in the Kirstenbosch garden. (for first-time vistors to the garden). 10,11,12
Comparison of Forest,Fynbos and Succulent Karoo Biomes in Kirstenbosch. 5
Water On demand
Biodiversity On demand
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