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Christy Bragg is monitoring the behaviour of porcupines so as to assess the effect of porcupine grazing on geophyte diversity.

Fact sheets on various aspects of the project have been produced and are being distributed to interested parties.

Jane Turpie and her team have completed the reconnaissance and preparation stage of the ecological economic assessment, and have started the data collection and analysis phase.

Conferences, workshops, meetings...

  • John Donaldson and Patrick O' Farrell will be in Australia from 26 Nov-16 Dec 2001, where they will link up with Australian projects working on ecosystem services.
  • Project research workshop at Coleford Nature Reserve, Underberg
    26th Feb 2002: Arrive at Coleford.
    27th Feb 2002: Field day.
    28th Feb 2002 : Research presentations.
    29th Feb 2002 : Steering committee meeting and discussion; departure.


Andrew Skowno has joined the project, where he will be working on plant biomass assessments at our study sites. His work will focus particularly on root biomass assessment.

Jobs, vacancies

The Conservation Farming Project has the following vacancy:

  • Researcher: Production benefits of different grazing systems (Nama Karoo).
    Closing date for applications: 31 December 2001.
    Click here for more information.
Mazda Wildlife Fund


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