Pretoria, South Africa

2 Cussonia Avenue, Brummeria, Pretoria
Private Bag X101, Pretoria, 0001
Tel/Fax: + 27 12 804 3166


This Garden is situated 8 km from the centre of Pretoria and accommodates both subtropical and temperate plants, giving the visitor a glimpse of the beautiful and varied flora of the subcontinent. This Garden is also home to the National Herbarium, Mary Gunn Library and Bookshop, all housed in the "Building on the Hill." . Near the main entrance is the Visitors 'Centre and Mackaya Bella Gift Shop. The garden was started in 1946 - read about its history.

The Garden is 76 ha in size, with 50 ha under intensive cultivation using exclusively South African plants. The cultivated area includes a cycad garden, succulent garden, aloe plantings and other striking collections. The natural vegetation of the area consists of grassland and savanna with dense bush. Over 600 species of flowering plants including half the country's tree species, many species of birds, as well as a number of reptiles and small mammals occur here naturally. Paved nature trails give access to the fascinating natural vegetation of the rocky ridge above the Garden. Take a virtual tour and enjoy the visual highlights of this garden.

Seasonal features which draw visitors include the spectacular display of spring flowers (Namaqualand daisies and mesems) and the tree wisteria avenue. In summer visitors are drawn to the green lawns and spreading shade trees, and in winter they enjoy the massed aloe collections in flower.

The Tea Garden - Tel: (012) 804 6928 - provides light refreshments whenever the Garden is open, except Mondays.

Garden picnic concerts, sponsored by Pick 'n Pay, are held in the Garden from April to September. See theWhat's On page for details of garden events.

The Garden is open 365 days a year from 08:00 - 18:00. The entrance fee is R10 for adults and R5 for scholars and students with student cards. Senior citizens have free entrance on a Tuesday. Botanical Society members have free entry to the Garden.

Map showing location of Garden

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