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Summer at Natal NBG
Summers are long and extend from October to February. The Garden offers a tranquil and shady refuge from the heat.


Dragonflies and damselflies are most active in the summer months. Take the Dragonfly Walk and watch these beautiful creatures hover over a pond of pink and blue water-lilies.

In December the Christmas orchids (Mystacidium capense) are in full flower. Many of the trees in the Garden are laden with this common, yet beautiful, plant.
Wild gardenia (Gardenia thunbergii) flowers for just a few weeks in midsummer. It's worth visiting the Garden just to see this spectacular tree.
Red-hot pokers (Kniphofia sp.) are a feature of the Garden in late summer. We have several species. The Midlands meadow is at its finest in December and January. In it you'll find many beautiful indigenous grassland flowers and a variety of South African grasses. It's a stunning and restful place.


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