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Summer at the Lowveld NBG

Summer extends from October to March. This is sauna time in this region, but, because of its greenness and shade, and the sound of the rivers, the Garden is a welcome haven for walkers, birders, picnickers and tourists. It is quite interesting to note how many local people visit the Garden on a relatively regular basis.

This is the rainy season and in those years when the region has heavy cyclonic rains the Crocodile River becomes a raging, roaring monster, sending up a mighty plume of spray which can be seen from the White River road.

The perfumed vlei orchid, Eulophia angolensis, grows in the marshy section near the bridge over the river. This species may be seen in other vlei areas in the district and is still relatively plentiful.

The twin-spurred Satyrium hallackii is another vlei orchid.

Dissotis canescens, akin to the tibouchina of horticulture, begins to flower in late summer.
Wild Pomegranate, Burchellia bubalina, bears brilliant orange flowers and has evergreen foliage, making it a very useful and successful garden subject. Flowers are laden with nectar for the sunbirds.

The clear yellow blooms of Ochna natalitia are followed by intriguing, colourful fruits. The ochna fruits are green, ripening to black and resembling Mickey Mouse's ears!

In summer the mean daily temperatures ranges from 17șC at night to 29șC during the day, but days can reach extremes of 36șC. This is the rainy season with an average per month precipitation of 115mm.


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