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Autumn at the Lowveld NBG
In April and May the heavy heat of summer has abated and the weather is mild, with a welcome hint of coolness in the evenings. If this season is equated with "fall" on the highveld, it could be that the Lowveld has two autumns, or two "falls" because many local trees drop all their leaves just before spring!

One of the highlights of this season is the autumn foliage of Bridelia micrantha, Mitzeeri or brown stinkwood.
Mitzeeri. Photo :Jo Onderstall
Toad tree. Photo:Jo Onderstall
The Toad Tree, Tabernaemontana elegans, has delightful, twin-lobed fruits with warty skins, almost like those of toads (Oleander family, Apocynaceae).
Pappea capensis, the Jacket Plum, bears most attractive fruits that are usually a pale shade of amber, but in some years, for reasons as yet undetermined, are brilliant red. The flesh around the kernel has a fresh, tart flavour, like that of lemons.
The Lowveld Garden boasts a good variety of barlerias. This striking, white-flowered Barleria albostellata comes from Northern Province and grows in hot, dry conditions.

Mean daily temperature is this period ranges between 12șC (nights) - 25șC (days). Monthly rainfall is on average 38mm.


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