Early Summer at Kirstenbosch

November and December mark the beginning of summer in the Cape.

The succulent vygies (Lampranthus) take the spring colour into summer. They are very striking with colours varying from icy pink to bright orange.

Among the bulbous plants many of the African lilies (Agapanthus) start to flower. Spikes of blue Aristea major and yellow Wachendorfia thyrsiflora stand tall in the wetter areas.
Some of the special trees in flower are the Cape chestnut (Calodendron capense) and the pom - pom tree (Dais cotinifolia) which both get covered in pink flowers.
The warmer weather slowly settles in, but the occasional rainy day is not unusual.
Average Rainfall
November 49 mm
December 34 mm
Average Temperature
Month Min. Max
Nov. 14.1C 24C
Dec. 15.3C 25.5C


For more details of plants in flower each week see the Plant of the Week pages.

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