Early Spring at Kirstenbosch
Late July and August mark early spring at Kirstenbosch. Cold fronts with low temperatures and rain are still common, but the days are longer and the new growth of spring is everywhere apparent as the bulbs and first of the annuals start to flower.
Many of the fynbos plants like proteas, ericas and buchus are in flower.
From the huge heads of our national flower, the King protea (Protea cynaroides) .....
...to the small pink bells of the berry heath (Erica baccans) and the aromatic confetti bushes (Coleonema album), the fascinating richness of indigenous Western Cape plants are displayed.
Average Rainfall
July 265 mm
August 165 mm
Average Temperature
Month Min. Max.
July 8.5C 17.2C
August 9.2C 18.1C


For more details of plants in flower each week see the Plant of the Week pages.

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