Karoo Desert NBG

There are many trails in the natural areas of the Karoo Desert Garden.

The Shale Trail is named after the eroded Malmesbury shale which litters the paths. This trail has interpretative signage at various points of interest. Here, you will learn the true secrets of the Karoo. Test your powers of observation and become your own desert detective! The trail is 1000 metres in length.

There are several other natural trails in the low lying hills. The full length of these trails is approximately 7 kilometres. The height is approximately 350metres above sea-level.

The trails are at their best in spring when many of the spring flowers are blooming. Please note the following:

1. Please use sun screen, wear a sensible hat, and carry sufficient water, especially during the summer months.

2. Some of the inclines are very steep and care should be taken, especially by those who have difficulty navigating steep slopes.

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