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Interpretation Programme at the NBI

Discovering the explosive pollination mechanism of Baphia racemosa

Biodiversity Interpretation Workshop

Making our gardens come alive

The NBI interpretation team aims to make South African plants and their stories accessible and exciting for garden visitors.

With its network of gardens, research centres and herbaria, the NBI is a rich storehouse of valuable information on the plant life, climate, ecosystems and biodiversity of South Africa.

In order to make this information accessible to our visitors, it must be interpreted - in other words made simple, relevant, exciting and attractive.

Each garden has a staff member responsible for interpretation, and their duties include conducting guided tours, designing interpretive brochures and signs, setting up touch tables and interactive displays, informal visitor liaison and giving talks on specific subjects.

The NBI interpretation programme offers something for all our visitors, from age 6 to 60 and beyond. Many of the school groups who visit our gardens require syllabus-linked tours and are therefore accommodated in specifically designed programmes run by the NBI Environmental Education section.

For more about interpretation in the NBI, contact John Roff, interpretation co-ordinator:

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