Harold Porter NBG
Western Garden

Endemic Beds

At present these three small beds house young plants of Nivenia stokoei, Leucadendron comosum subsp. homaeophyllum and Mimetes hirtus, a spectacular rare and endangered member of the Proteaceae. Some of our other interesting, and often unusual, endemics will be added as soon as they are big enough to move from the nursery.

Retzia capensis, is of particular interest: it is the only member of the family Retziaceae, and considered by ecologists to be a pyrofossil, meaning that all existing plants have survived since prehistoric time purely by resprouting from rootstock after fires. Penaea species will find a place here too, the whole family being endemic to the South Western Cape.

Rutaceae, Asteraceae and Restionaceae Beds

If veld does not contain at least a few species of the restio family, it cannot be called fynbos! These attractive and varied plants largely take the place that grasses have in the other veld types of southern Africa.Here, they are grouped together with one of the larger fynbos families, the Asteraceae, including the gorgeous pink Cape everlasting, Phaenocoma prolifera.

The aromatic and often medicinally used members from the citrus family Rutaceae, locally known as "Buchus", may also be found in these beds.




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