Harold Porter NBG
Four Ecosystems Area

This area close to the entrance offers a quick overview of the four ecosystems to be found locally.. It is an ideal area to visit if you don't have much time to spend in the Garden.





Fynbos Area

The walk takes you into an area where an attractive cross section of some of the many plants found in the veld-type known as Fynbos may be seen. Members of the Restio, Protea and Erica families amongst others will give you an introduction to some of the riches of this superb flora.

Wetland Area

This area allows visitors to appreciate some of the interesting species to be found in the local wetlands without getting their feet too wet!



Dune Area

Dunes and dune plants form a very important ecosystem all along our coastline and this bed provides a representative collection of some of these plants, including Brunsvigia orientalis.

Forest Area

Left to itself, this whole garden, situated as it is on deep soils on an old river plain, would probably revert to forest! A number of trees and understorey plants from the remnants of Afro-montane forests are growing naturally here, and will be supplemented with some species from the southern Cape forests.


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