New Developments at Witwatersrand NBG

The Garden is planning some major new developments that we anticipate will commence during June 2003. Funding for some of these projects has been granted from the Dept of Environmental Affairs and Tourism's Poverty Relief Fund. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during construction.


Renovation and extension of the existing Restaurant where the Tea Garden is currently located. The new facility will include enlarged and improved kitchen facilities (including cold stores, dry stores and freezer areas). Both outdoor and covered service areas will be provided as well as a separate function area with buffet servery. Additional guest toilet facilities will be provided as well as separate staff facilities. The upgraded restaurant will also be linked to the existing toilet block. A temporary kiosk facility serving light refreshments is planned during the construction phase.

Upgrading of the existing Entrance Facility will include a new paypoint system to improve visitor flow. The existing Shop will be converted into a Visitor's information Centre. A new Commercial Centre including Shop and Nursery will be developed on the eastern side of the existing entrance building with direct access from the parking area. Exit from the Garden will be via the nursery and shop complex with a separate night-time and overflow exit.

The permanent stage will be situated at the base of the Main Lawn and will consist of a raised permanent stage with underground storeroom and change rooms for performers as well as a stage cover (both temporary and permanent covers are currently under consideration).

The construction of a New Conference / Function Facility for about 150-200 people on the western side of the existing building. The facility will consist of a hall area (which can be divided into smaller meeting rooms) as well as toilet facilities, a small kitchen and a storeroom. We anticipate that this facility would be hired out for business meetings, small conferences/workshops, lectures as well as private functions such as wedding receptions.

Aerial view of Garden showing proposed development sites


  • To make the garden more accessible to the general public. The upgrading of the Entrance Area will facilitate easier flow of visitors, particularly during peak times. In addition, the development of a world-class Visitor's Information Centre will provide much needed information on various aspects of the Botanical Garden and Nature Reserve to visitors.

  • To provide high quality services to garden visitors, including a renovated restaurant, shop and nursery, as well as a new function facility to meet the ever-increasing demands of the increasing number of visitors to the Garden.

  • To increase the income-generating capacity of the National Botanical Garden. With increasing pressure to become more self-sufficient, the rentals received from the shop, nursery, restaurant and function hall will be used to offset the large costs of maintaining the Botanical Garden to a high standard. Funds generated from special events held at the new Concert Stage will be used towards future Garden Development Projects.


  • The Environmental Impact Assessment process has been completed by WSP
    Walmsley Environmental Consultants and the developments have been approved
    by the Dept of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.
  • Construction on the new restaurant has commenced. This project is a
    Poverty Relief project and has employed a number of people from local
  • During building operations, a temporary kiosk has been setup which
    serves light refreshments on a take-away basis to garden visitors.
  • Plans are currently being drawn for the stage, entrance and
    shop/nursery complex.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused during building operations.
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