Chapungu Stone Sculpture Exhibibition at Kirstenbosch

Village Activities - At work and at play.


Lonely herd boy
Fungai Mwarorwa

Butter Chette

Soon I must leave the village and take the animals out to graze again. Once more I will be alone in this great expanse of grass, bush and hills.

Feeding the chickens
Taylor Nkomo


Good food means more good eggs and good eggs means strong children. I will not be alone in my old age.




Dancing Girl
Dominic Benhura


I feel the rhythm through the soil and my feet will not be still. Joyfully I allow my body to be swept away to the drummer's rhythm.


Chief and his bride
Tendai Mutasa


Rejoice for the chief has found his bride. They will bless our village with many children.


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