Trees naturally occurring in the Walter Sisulu NBG

In addition to our collection of trees from all over Southern Africa, the Botanical Gardens is fortunate to have pristine natural areas which are maintained as nature reserve. There are 58 naturally occurring trees and large shrubs on the estate.

The list below display National Tree number, Botanical name, Common name and a letter indicating the Zone/s where the tree may be found in the garden.

Tree List
162 Acacia caffra Common Hook Thorn C,D
172 Acacia karroo Sweet Thorn C
639 Acokanthera oppositifolia Bushman's Poison D
730 Brachylaena rotundata Mountain Silver Oak B,C
636 Buddleja saligna False Olive C,D
637 Buddleja salviifolia Sagewood C,D
706 Canthium gilfillanii Velvet Turkey Berry B,C
411 Mystroxylon aethiopicum subsp. burkeanum Highveld Kubu-berry B
420 Cassinopsis ilicifolia Lemon Thorn D
39 Celtis africana White Stinkwood D
536 Combretum erythrophyllum River Bush-willow D
537 Combretum molle Velvet Bush-willow B,C
563 Cussionia paniculata subsp. sinuata Highveld Cabbage Tree B,C
605.2 Diospyros lycioides subsp. guerkei Bushveld Bluebush B,C
611 Diospyros whyteana Bladder Nut D
471 Dombeya rotundifolia Wild Pear B,C
511 Dovyalis zeyheri Wild Apricot D
657 Ehretia rigida Puzzle Bush C,D
581 Englerophytum magaliesmontanum Stamvrug A,B
245 Erythrina lysistemon Coral Tree B, C
594 Euclea crispa subsp. crispa Blue Guarri B,C
63 Ficus abutilifolia Large-leaved Rock Fig B
55 Ficus ingens Red-leaved Rock Fig B
60 Ficus salicifolia Wonderboom Fig B
463 Grewia occidentalis var. occidentalis Cross Berry B,C
399 Gymnosporia buxifolia Spike Thorn B,C
402.3 Gymnosporia polyacantha subsp. vaccinifolia Northern Hedge Spike Thorn B,C
670 Halleria lucida Tree Fuchsia D
568.1 Heteromorpha arborescens var. abyssinica Parsley Tree C
397 Ilex mitis var. mitis Cape Holly D
494 Kiggelaria africana Wild Peach D
145 Leucosidea sericea Ouhout D
403 Maytenus undata Koko Tree B
226 Mundulea sericea Cork Bush C
633 Nuxia congesta Wild Elder B
617 Olea europaea subsp. africana Wild Olive C
514 Olinia emarginata Mountain Hard Pear D
100 Osyris lanceolata Rock Tannin Bush C, D
375 Ozoroa paniculosa var. paniculosa Resin Tree C
433 Pappea capensis Jacket Plum D
716.1 Pavetta gardeniifolia var. subtomentosa Hairy Common Bridal Bush C
139 Pittosporum viridiflorum Cheesewood D
87 Protea caffra subsp. caffra Common Sugar Bush C
96 Protea roupelliae subsp. roupelliae Silver Sugar Bush A,B,C
405 Pterocelastrus echinatus White Cherry Wood B
452 Rhamnus prinoides Dog Wood D
381 Rhus dentata Nana-berry B,C,D
386 Rhus lancea Karee C
387 Rhus leptodictya Mountain Karee B,C
392 Rhus pyroides Common Wild Currant B,C,D
396.1 Rhus zeyheri Blue Wild Currant B,C
693 Rothmannia capensis Cape Gardenia A,D
498 Scolopia zeyheri Thorn Pear D
733 Tarchonanthus camphoratus Camphor Bush B,C
702 Vangueria infausta Wild Medlar A,B,C
703 Vangueria parvifolia Mountain Wild Medlar A,B
253 Zanthoxylum capense Knobwood D
447 Ziziphus mucronata Buffalo Thorn B,C

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Buddleja salviifolia


Where will I find the trees in the Garden? The letter after the name will show you in which zone the trees may be found. (In some cases there may be more than one zone.)


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