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Head of Cost Centre

Dr Marinda Koekemoer: Deputy Director, Curator of the National Herbarium

Herbarium Management, Asteraceae taxonomy and plant collecting.
Exciting discovery: Amphiglossa corrudifolia and A. callunoides (Asteraceae) were re-collected at their respective type localities after more than 150 years.


Dr John M. Anderson: Specialist Scientist

Gondwana Alive-an international project begun by a group of South African scientists. Its purpose is to promote biodiversity and stem the Sixth Extinction of nature globally. Holistic synergy everywhere amongst all people is seen as the only solution.
Exciting discovery: Molteno formation - prolific late Triassic fossiliferous horizon appears to represent the biodiversity heyday of the gymnosperms.

Mrs Clare Archer:Principal Scientist

Systematics of Cyperaceae
Curation, identification and limited systematic research on Monocotyledon families including Arecaceae, Burmanniaceae, Cannaceae, Colchicaceae, Costaceae, Iridaceae, Maranthaceae, Musaceae, Orchidaceae, Strelitziaceae, and Zingiberaceae.

  Dr Robert Archer: Principal Scientist
Mr S. Pieter Bester: Senior Scientist

Scientific curation and identification of the families Apocynaceae, Ericaceae and Rutaceae.
Special interest in all grassland systems and plant collecting.

Dr Christien L. Bredenkamp: Assistant Curator, Chief Scientist
Co-ordinator of the Eastern Cape Flora

A monograph of the genus Passerina L. ( Thymelaeaceae). Curation of Begoniaceae, Canellaceae, Clusiaceae, Elatinaceae, Frankeniaceae, Geissolomataceae, Gentianaceae, Haloragaceae, Lecythidaceae, Linaceae, Loasaceae, Lythraceae, Malvaceae, Melastomataceae, Onagraceae, Penaeaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Polygalaceae, Thymelaeaceae, Trapaceae, Turneraceae and Tiliaceae.

Exciting discovery: Three new species of Passerina: P. nivicola, P. esterhuyseniae and P. quadrifaria were discovered and described. P. montivagus is a new species derived from the P. filiformis complex. Two new subspecies, P. filiformis subsp. glutinosa and P. truncata subsp. monticola, were also described.

Ms Priscilla M. Burgoyne: Principal Scientist

Mesembryanthemaceae / Crassulaceae
Mesemb atlassing and phytogeography


Mrs Lyn Fish: Principal Scientist

Poaceae and plant collecting

Annemarie Götzel: Administration Officer ADCIII

Herbarium administration and sales of herbarium supplies

Mrs Marcini Govender: Agricultural Development Technician

Plant identifications, technical support and scientific curation
M Govender

Mr Paul P.J. Herman: Principal Agricultural Scientist, Assistant Curator: Personnel

Taxonomic and scientific curation of some members of the family Asteraceae.

Mrs Marie Jordaan: Principal Scientist

Scientific curation of Celastraceae.
Tree list with distribution maps and common names (English and Afrikaans).

Mr T. Wilson Kgaditsi: Senior Auxiliary Services Officer
Mounting of specimens and general assistance. Service room assistant
Mrs Ronell R. Klopper: Senior Scientist

Curation and identification of Pteridophytes (ferns and fern allies) and 27 monocotyledon families, including Asphodelaceae, Hyacinthaceae and Restionaceae.

African Plant Checklist Project: Collaborative project with the Botanic Gardens and Herbaria in Geneva and Switzerland. Combining name lists of Flora of southern Africa and the Lebrun and Stork publications on tropical Africa to produce an angiosperm checklist and database of sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr Cuthbert Makgakga: Agricultural Development Technician
Plant identifications, technical support, scientific curation and laboratory technician.
API Project
Mr Kgabo S. Makgakga: Senior Auxiliary Services Officer
Encoding both extra and tropical Africa Poaceae specimens for Sabonet Project. Learning more about deciphering handwriting, changes in names of countries, collectors, vegetation types, plant descriptions, changes in genus and species names.

Tshidi Manamela: Agricultural Development Technician

Information Officer: Responsible for exhibitions, enquiries, herbarium tour and visitors
API Project

Mr Kgaugelo Maserumule: Auxiliary Services Officer
Physical curation of Fabaceae and other families, updating of specimens on PRECIS and general assistance.
Ms Alice S. Masombuka: Senior Auxiliary Services Officer
Curation of plant specimens: monocotyledons. Physical curation.
Mr Jean Meyer: Chief Agricultural Development Technician
Novel Drug Project and scientific curation
Mr Mashiane S. Mothogoane: Assistant Curator

Herbarium support staff and Senior Auxiliary Services Officer.

Mr Thabiso Mpongo: Senior Agricultural Development Technician

Plant Identification, technical support and scientific curation
API Project

Mrs Grace Nkoane: Senior Auxiliary Services Officer

Loans, duplicates, exchanges, packaging, labels and identification of specimens. Store management

Mrs Tandiwe Nkonki: Senior Agricultural Development Technician

Responsible for families starting from Basellaceae to Oxalidaceae, the largest being Fabaceae with 149 genera.

Mr Johannes T. Phahla: Senior Auxiliary Services Officer

Mounting of specimens, including mosses and lichens.
General assistance. Packaging and herbarium driver.

Ms Tebogo Rampho: Senior Agricultural Development Technician

SABONET Checklist Database
Allocation and confirmation of grid references for Tropical records.
API Project

Ms Elizabeth Retief: Principal Agricultural Scientist

Revision of the family Boraginaceae in southern Africa.
Curation of Avicanniaceae, Geraniaceae, Lamiaceae, Mortiniaceae, Oxalidaceae, Rubiaceae, Verbanaceae, Vitaceae, Zygophyllaceae and 88 genera of Asteraceae.

Mrs Julie A. Ready: Principal Auxiliary Services Officer

Helichrysum identifications. Printing of plant distribution maps and general assistance. General assistance in Wing D.
Mr Paulus Sebothoma: Assistant Curator: Services and Plant ID Co-ordinator

Handling incoming and outgoing specimens for identification.

Ms Nonkululeko Swelankomo: Agricultural Development Technician

Plant identifications, technical support and scientific curation
API Project

Mrs Shirley Smithies: Chief Agricultural Development Technician

Scrophulariaceae and Orobanchaceae, Martyniaceae, Bignoniaceae, Pedaliaceae, Gesneriaceae and Lentibulariaceae and Cytinaceae

Ms Christina C. Steyn: Principal Auxiliary Services Officer

Datacapture, processing of gift batches and labels.

Dr Jacques van Rooy: Chief Scientist, Assistant Curator and Curator of the Cryptogam Herbarium

African bryophytes, southern African mosses, aquatic bryophytes of southern Africa, diversity and phytogeography of bryophytes. Research emphasis: Bryaceae, Orthotrichaceae, Polytrichaceae, southern African centres of biodiversity and endemism, biogeographic regions and elements of southern Africa.

Exciting discovery: Did you know that the bryophyte collection of the National Herbarium in Pretoria (PRE) is the largest and most representative collection of southern African bryophytes? It contains more than 70 000 mounted specimens from all over the world. It is the largest bryophyte collection in Africa and one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Ms Mienkie Welman: Principal Scientist

Curation and systematics of Convolvulaceae, Solanaceae, Acanthaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Dipsacaceae, Campanulaceae, Lobeliaceae and Asteraceae (only Helichrysum and Senecioneae).

Mr Pieter Winter: Principal Scientist

Research and scientific curation of Apiaceae, Monosulcate families and Basal families of the "Eu dicots".

Interested in Flora of Limpopo catchment, especially Sekhukhuneland and description of new taxa for this area.

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