Visiting the Natal Herbarium (NH)


Natal Herbarium is located adjacent to the Durban Botanical Gardens, on the corner of Botanic Gardens and St Thomas Roads.

The herbarium hours are Monday - Friday, 07:45 -16:30.



Making appointments

For use of the collection we strongly suggest that you make an appointment ahead of time to ensure the appropriate staff member will be available to attend to you. Please call 031-202 4095 for an appointment.

Visitor parking

A limited amount of parking is available at Natal Herbarium. More parking is available in Edith Benson and St Thomas Roads.

Visitor responsibilities

· When arriving at the herbarium please check in with the receptionist
· Please sign the visitors book
· In order to prevent accidental introduction of pests all specimens brought into the herbarium must go through the appropriate pest control treatment
· No food or drink allowed within the herbarium
· Do not remove anything (i.e. specimens, books, equipment) from the herbarium without permission of the herbarium collections staff.


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