Staff at the Compton Herbarium (NBG) Cape Town

Scientific Staff

Dr Koos Roux Collections Manager
All pteridophytes, but with special interest in Polystichum and Elaphoglossum- cytology, phylogeny and biogeography.

Dr John Manning Research Leader: Systematics

Systematics and evolutionary biology of Iridaceae. Plants of the Cape Floral Region.

Pascale Chesselet Research Botanist

Systematics of Mesembryanthemaceae, Aizoaceae and Crassulaceae. Developer of the Interactive Mesembs database.

Christopher Cupido Principal Scientist
Systematics of the South African Campanuloideae (Campanulaceae), especially the small endemic genus, Merciera.


Dr Hubert Kurzweil Specialist Scientist
Morphology, ontogeny and systematics of Orchidaceae.
Systematics of the Mesembryanthemaceae.

Dr Ted Oliver Specialist Scientist (retired)

Systematics of the tribe Ericeae (Ericaceae). Phytogeographical and evolutionary aspects of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Dr Dee Snijman Specialist Scientist
Systematics of Amaryllidaceae and Hypoxidaceae

Technical staff
Mrs Cathy Cupido, Mrs Judith Leith, Mrs Edwina Marinus

PRECIS encoders
Botanist : Ms. Fatima Parker
Data encoders: Ms Angela Baatjes, Ms Michelle Engelbrecht, Ms Najuwa Davids, Mrs Veronica Williams

Mrs Suseth Foster
Please direct general herbarium queries to the Collections Manager


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