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Kirstenbosch sells seed of a wide range of plants indigenous to southern Africa. We produce a seed catalogue listing the species on offer, with prices, our conditions of sale and procedure to order, and yes we do export. Our seed catalogue is not yet in electronic format, it is a booklet, and we post copies out free of charge. Our catalogue is unfortunately not illustrated, but for each species listed, we give the botanical name, any synonyms, any common / descriptive names in use, the family name, and a short description giving information where applicable on e.g. estimated height, habit, flower colour, distinguishing features etc. Should you wish to receive a copy, please send your request, with your name and postal address to the Seed Room at Kirstenbosch, contact details as follows:

Seed Room, Kirstenbosch NBG
Private Bag X7 CLAREMONT,
Cape Town 7735
South Africa

Tel (021) 762 9120 / Fax (021) 762 8239


What we supply

All of the seed that we supply is from plants indigenous to southern Africa. Most of it is harvested from the plants growing in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, the majority of which are of known wild origin. We harvest some species from the natural areas of the Kirstenbosch Estate that border the Garden, and receive some contribution from our Regional Gardens, notably the Witwatersrand National Botanical Garden in Roodepoort, outside Johannesburg. We supply seed of all types of indigenous plants including annuals, bulbous plants, climbers, herbaceous perennials, pelargoniums, shrubs, trees, succulents, aquatic plants, Proteaceae, Ericaceae and Restionaceae. We offer the seed in sample packets, and where we can, in bulk per 100 and/or per 1000 seeds. Our seed stocks are variable and limited, and it happens that plants are removed or pruned before we can harvest seed, or seed set may be poor or we may just be sold out due to high demand.


Effectively all our seed is open pollinated, the only exceptions being some of those plants that need assistance to set seed in the Garden e.g. Strelitzia juncea, Strelitzia reginae, Clivia miniata, the rest are left to their own devices.

As a result, we cannot guarantee the absence of hybridisation. We name the seed according to the plant from which it was harvested, according to the latest botanical information. We do not have seed testing facilities and therefore cannot guarantee the viability of our seed. Nevertheless, to the best of our knowledge, every care is taken from harvest to storage to ensure that only top quality seed is supplied. We dry our seed under controlled conditions and store everything at 5 oC. Most of our stocks are replaced on a yearly basis.

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