Fynbos Walk 2

Buchu Garden

This small and highly aromatic section of the Garden is a mass of flowers through late winter and spring and the air hangs heavy with the scent of the leaves on a warm day. Buchu is the colloquial name for some of the indigenous rutaceae, Agathosma species, Diosma species, Adenandra species, and Acmadenia species.

Fynbos Demonstration Garden

A new demonstration garden that shows the visitor how to use fynbos plants, i.e. ericas, proteas, pincushions, restios and bulbs, to create a garden that provides colour and attracts wildlife. The display illustrates correct planting procedures and maintenance practices and also gives ideas on how to combine the plants. Within the Demonstration Garden is a Wildlife Garden, as well as a section that displays some of the latest fynbos cultivars and hybrids.

Erica Garden

The Erica Garden displays approximately. 260 of the over 700 species of erica (heaths) found in South Africa. Ericas provide colour and interest throughout the year, but the peak flowering season for most of them is during spring and summer.



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