General Garden

Water-wise Garden

This section lies to the north of the stream running past the new restaurant and includes the Water-wise Garden shown above, the Sculpture Path, the Peninsula Garden and the Vlei Garden.

Water-wise Garden

Gardeners all over the world are being made more aware of the need to save water. The Water-wise Garden is a small demonstration garden that shows the visitor how to create a garden that is lush and colourful throughout the year, but which requires less water and maintenance than an ordinary garden. Important water-wise principles are explained, like soil preparation, mulching, making windbreaks, creating shade, lawn care and grouping of plants according to their water needs. The plants are labelled with short descriptive notes as well as tips on identifying water-wise plant characteristics: underground bulbs, small hairy or grey leaves, succulent roots, stems or leaves, and more.

Peninsula Garden

The Cape Peninsula is home to more than 2500 plant species. Some of these fynbos plants occur nowhere else on earth but here. In the Peninsula Garden, we try to display as many of these special and unique fynbos plants as we can


Sculpture Path

A recent development of an old and often overlooked area of the Garden, designed to exhibit African sculpture with the Gardens as a backdrop. It is a special experience to see how the landscape and the sculptures interact and compliment each other.


Vlei GardenVlei Garden

This is a natural seep, or vlei, rich in plant and animal life. A raised boardwalk carries the visitor over the vlei.



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