The eastern slopes of Table Mountain have many steep gorges and sheer cliff faces, which are dangerous to even the most experienced and well-equipped rock climbers. Only Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge provide safe routes up and down this part of the mountain.

Furthermore, the Cape weather is notoriously changeable, and the cloud can descend on the top of Table Mountain blanketing it in mist with no warning. Another factor is the wind, which can gust and blow very strongly.

When planning a hike on our mountain, please remember the following points and take care.

  • Tell someone which route you are taking and stick to it.
  • Do not walk alone.
  • Use a good map.
  • Wear suitable hiking clothing and always take a windbreaker.
  • Always take water with you.
  • If you get lost, particularly in the mist or the dark, find shelter, keep warm and dry and wait it out.
  • Take a cellphone if you have one.
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