Quiver Tree Forest at the Karoo NBG

Transplanted Aloe dichtomaA new Aloe dichotoma (quiver tree or kokerboom) forest has been created at the Karoo National Botanical Garden in Worcester. This was made possible by a generous donation from the Kirstenbosch branch of the Botanical Society of SA. The dry, desert like climate of the Karoo NBG is ideal for these plants which come from the northern Cape.

The forest contains 180 trees ranging from 0,5m to 2,0m in height. They have been relocated from a degraded site at Klein Pella in the northern Cape. Armed with the necessary collecting permits, staff from the Karoo NBG transplanted the plants in March 2000.



Aloe dichotoma grows into a large, majestic, caudiform tree and in years to come this forest is sure to be a noted feature of the Garden. The new forest covers an area of approximately 2,0 hectacres on the eastern slope of the koppie (hillock) near the lower parking area in the Karoo NBG.

There are plans to introduce other plants from the northern Cape into this area.


When next in Worcester come and see our fledgling forest of quiver trees.

Karoo NBG

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