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Winter at Harold Porter NBG

Winter ( June - August) is known as the "Green Season" in the Cape with its winter rainfall. Be prepared for rain and cold, but the odd sunny days are glorious! Ditches and watercourses are often clothed with swathes of arum lilies.

This is also the time when the hillsides are dotted with the yellows and ivories of the conebushes and the pinks, reds and oranges of pincushions, proteas and pagodas, (such as this Mimetes hirtus) all belonging to the protea family.

Wherever there are proteas flowering you will also find the Sugarbird, another endemic, the males flirting their long tail feathers to attract the ladies.
Aloe plicatilis, with its fan of grey-green leaves, puts up its sturdy orange flower spikes and our local fynbos aloe, Aloe succotrina, also makes a show.

Mimetes hirtus, several protea species and Erica patersonia are at their best now.


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