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Disa Kloof Trail

This very easy short trail (950m from the entrance to its destination at the waterfall) leads along the western side of the Garden over the Olive May Porter bridge and into a wooded area which is a haven for many bird species. (There is a toilet block here for our visitors' convenience.) Winding beneath the big trees growing alongside the water's edge the trail crosses another bridge and leads up to a lovely waterfall. The cliffs across the river provide a home for the red Disa uniflora and an ancient bee hive. This whole route is accessible for the more adventurous wheelchair user.

Leopard's Kloof Trail

To visit this secluded kloof with its series of waterfalls and tranquil atmosphere, you will need a permit and key. Limiting access ensures the serenity of your experience, so please enquire at the entrance gate, accept that first come are first served, and pay a deposit of R30 for the key.

The trail is 1500m from the garden entrance to the last waterfall and follows the eastern border of the Garden, past the Nerine Dell where the founder's memorial stone may be found. Over a humpback bridge and north-eastwards towards Leopard's Kloof the path leads through natural fynbos at the foot of the mountain slope.

Through the locked gate the path rises, then dips down again to the first river crossing and into the private world of the kloof. Now, beneath the tree canopy of the forest in cool shade, the very observant may see the scratch marks of a leopard on one of the tree stems! Two more river crossings take you to the first waterfall. Then a series of ladders leads to the second and on to the third waterfall. The base of this waterfall is your final destination. Here, in season, you will find Disa uniflora flowering in all its glory amongst the water spangled mosses and rocks of the cliffs towering above.


Fynbos Trail

This trail connects Disa Kloof and Leopard's Kloof and runs along the lower slopes of Bobbejaan's Kop, providing magnificent views over the Garden and the town of Betty's Bay towards the sea. It may be walked as a circular route - from the entrance and back it is 1850m long. It leads you through some of the rich vegetation of the fynbos. Interpretive boards along the way will give you some fascinating insights into what makes the fynbos tick.

Zigzag and Mountain Trail

The distance from the garden entrance to the furthermost point of the trail is 4220m. You will need at least 2 hours to walk there. The zigzag path begins beyond the cultivated area of the Garden and may be approached via either end of the Fynbos Trail. It winds upwards by easy stages towards the top of the cliffs. Great care needs to be taken as the path is very rocky and/or slippery in places.

Views along the contour section of the path leading towards the top of the Leopard's Kloof waterfall are superb. After crossing the river above the falls, the trail climbs the drier northern slopes of the mountain and leads towards the boundary the Garden shares with the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. At this point you must turn round and come back again, but as the views coming and going are very different, this is no hardship.

Those who want to walk the longer Oudebosch to Harold Porter Garden Trail must make a booking and obtain a permit from Cape Nature Conservation (Tel. 021 945 4701). The route may only be walked in one direction. Start at Oudebosch in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve and walk south-westwards towards the Garden. Arrange for a vehicle at both ends and spend a day of delight amongst the fynbos flora and superb scenery.

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