Environmental Education Programme at the Walter Sisulu NBG

School Programmes

Our courses involve learning through fun and practical hands-on activities. Learners learn to care about, appreciate and understand their environment. The subjects come alive as learners apply classroom knowledge to real life.

Choose from the following topics :

  • Plant adaptations
  • Fun with ecology and food webs
  • Fungi & algae
  • Gymnosperms & angiosperms
  • Mosses, ferns & lichens
  • Monocots & dicots
  • Precious water - every drop counts
  • Flowering plants
  • Soil is life

Please plan your outing with us to make sure that you and your learners benefit as much as possible from the visit. Our programmes are structured according to the outcomes-based model and integrate the environment across all learning areas. Our approach furthermore emphasises education for sustainability and encourages all learners to take responsibility for the environment.

Teacher Support

We want to help you make the most of our Garden and your school grounds. At our workshops, we share ideas and information to help you develop skills and confidence to use any garden to make teaching more fun and relevant.

Guided Tours

Come and discover the wonders of the Botanical Garden. Our knowledgeable AEOs (assistant education officers) will show you some amazing South African plants. These tours are for both teachers and learners. Guided outings last two hours, and are offered daily, except Tuesdays. The cost is R10 per learner. Please make use of our experienced AEOs and book at least two weeks in advance. Self-guided tours are not encouraged.

To book your tour please contact Jenny Moore:
Tel: 011 958 1750: Fax 011 9851752 or

School and Community Greening

We encourage green action by helping you to choose indigenous plants for school and community gardens. Greening sessions which teach the basics of planting and propagating indigenous plants can be arranged at the Gardens. Schools are adopted for three years in which basic horticulture is taught. Through workshops, gardens are designed and developed which are then used as learning resources and are integrated into the curriculum.

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