Working for SANBI

Employment Policy

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is an equal opportunity employer. All appointments are made in line with the Labour Relations Act. Any discrimination based on an inherent job requirement does not constitute unfair discrimination. All new appointments will preferably be Affirmative Action with the exceptions by written authorization of the Chief Executive.

According to a decision of the Board of Trustees of SANBI, all vacancies will be advertised either internally or internally and externally. No advertising will be done by word of mouth. Where possible the appointments will be made internally, ensuring adequate protection and advancement for persons from designated previously disadvantaged groups. However, this does not exclude external candidates from applying.

How to apply for a post at SANBI

Please do not send unsolicited CVs to SANBI, only apply for posts currently advertised. SANBI has a fixed staff establishment, which is approved by the Minister for Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

All vacancies are advertised both externally and internally and preference is given to suitable, competent internal candidates. SANBI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Applications for vacant posts can be submitted by fax, e-mail or regular mail to the Human Resources Department. The applications are scrutinized, a shortlist compiled and the most suitable candidates invited for an interview. A panel consisting of the immediate supervisor, HR and Employment Equity representatives and if necessary an expert in the field compile the short-list and sit in on the interview. The most suitable candidate is identified by way of a competency based selection system. After reference checks have been done, a job offer is made to the candidate. If this is accepted, the person is appointed.

Basic Employment Benefits

SANBI has adopted the Conditions of Service as laid down in the Public Service Management Framework. The basic benefits are the following:


As specified by Public Service. Full time employees are entitled to 22 working days of vacation leave per annum. After 10 years of service this is increased to 26 days per annum. Sick leave, study leave and various other leave categories are also allowed for in accordance with the regulations. Contract employees qualify for vacation leave and sick leave benefits.

Service Bonus

A bonus based on the basic monthly salary is payable each year in the month of your birth date for as long as the scheme is in force in the Public Service. During the first year of employment, a pro-rata bonus may apply, depending on the date of birth of the candidate

Membership of the Pension Fund and Provident Fund

"  New employees automatically become members of the Pension Fund and Provident Fund, including all full-time and five-eights permanent employees (as well as employees on probation). Contract employees are not eligible to join the Funds.

"  SANBI has its own registered Pension Fund and Provident Fund. Employees' contribute 7.5% of basic salary and on the annual service bonus. This is matched by SANBI.

"  Members of the Pension and Provident Funds also have a life assurance benefit equal to a multiple of the pensionable salary, determined according to the age-related scale as well as family funeral benefit cover. There is also a managed disability benefit. SANBI pays for the administration of the Funds, as well as for the insurance premiums of the aforementioned benefits.

Home Loan

You may be eligible for a 100% home loan after the successful completion of the required period of service.

Home Owner’s Allowance

A homeowner’s allowance is payable immediately upon compliance with certain conditions / requirements and this allowance may fluctuate and will be adjusted accordingly as advised by the Department of Public Service and Administration. This benefit is at present a maximum of R 403.00 p.m. on a registered bond of R 70 000 or more.

Medical Aid

Membership of a medical aid scheme is voluntary. The Employee Salaries and Benefits Department should be contacted for more details regarding the various schemes available. The contribution is subsidised by two-thirds of the contribution to a maximum of R1014,00

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